Dec 132012

Yesterday was a date (12/12/12) which many termed as auspicious, being the last time in the century that we would witness such a spectacle. On the other hand, we have a certain ilk of soothsayers and conspiracy theorists proclaiming the impending ‘apocalypse’ on December 21. However, sending out an optimistic message, India’s leading music composer, A.R.Rahman is composing a song, which will be his first solo since 1997, instilling faith and optimism in people.

Apparently, unfazed by the doomsday predictions, Rahman feels that there is much scope for hope, joy and, most importantly, love. Keeping this in mind, Rahman will be working on his yet untitled single that will be themed on love.

Currently in LA, adding the finishing touches to the track, Rahman is likely to release the track next week. Interestingly, the composer has partnered with industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani for the project.

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