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If Priyanka Chopra’s recent fashion stints have taught us anything, it is that no matter how many great fashion choices you make in life, controversies and memes will always overshadow them. 

She wore a kickass ubercool Ralph Lauren beige trench-coat gown, but all that people could see was a cup of ‘masala chai’.

Priyanka Chopra In Assam Tourism Controversy© Twitter

She met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Germany, and Twitter ended up having a gala time bae-watching the two and dolling out their opinion like fashion critics for showing off her legs.  

Priyanka Chopra In Assam Tourism Controversy

And things are no different for her even now, as she recently found herself being trolled for her photograph in Assam tourism calendar.  

It’s very rare for a celebrity to come under the radar of critics for a brand they are the ambassadors for. But, for Hollywood’s resident bae Priyanka Chopra, that ‘rare’ thing happens more often than anything else in her life. Honestly, as the brand ambassador, she seems to have gained more controversies than any brownie points for the state. 

Priyanka Chopra In Assam Tourism Controversy© Twitter

After finding herself in the controversy for being the brand ambassador of Nirav Modi’s jewellery brand, Priyanka Chopra was recently targeted on social media for her choice of clothes for the calendar of Assam Tourism. Her frock did not go down too well with people, as they think it wasn’t ‘sober enough’. In fact, the opposition Congress leaders had problem with her opting for a frock instead of the traditional ‘mekhela chador’. 

This is the calendar we are talking about. 

Priyanka Chopra In Assam Tourism Controversy© Twitter

According to a report in DNA, Boko MLA Nandita Das and MLA Rupjyoti Kurmi raised this issue stating that the calendar pictures are not sober and that frock is not an Assamese attire. In fact, her cleavage was an issue for people too. 

But, there’s nothing to worry Priyanka Chopra because your fans are standing in solidarity with you. 

Didn’t you noticed she also wore saree for their ad ? Get a life you haters pic.twitter.com/NGhYpRjMJw

— PRANAV (@pranav1490) February 20, 2018

She dressed in sarees & traditional wear for all the promotional materials. One picture in a dress and yall losers lose ur shit. I know @aweassam bcz of Priyanka Chopra because of her ur state gets attention worldwide.Also personally I don’t feel anything bad about dress.Grow up! pic.twitter.com/7nlB3528tC

— VISMINI (@yasiru_vismini) February 20, 2018

OK agreed please explain why ur profile picture is in suit rather than a traditional dress. First change ur self before complaining about others

— Prasanth P Bhat (@prasubhat) February 21, 2018

Common.. Grow up.. Assam would have been much rich and progressive if we use our time in more innovation n constructive works. Time to change urself first

— Himaxi Gohain (@himaxi_gohain) February 19, 2018

Unfortunate that a party which claims to be progressive .. which till recently had a woman as its chief is now making a big deal about Priyanka Chopra’ satire for Assam ad …

— pallavi ghosh (@_pallavighosh) February 21, 2018

@priyankachopra : Proud of what you are doing. Neckline controversy in Assam tourism advert has been created for no reason and by people with shallow thinking … reflects their archaic mindset! You go girl!

— Ryality (@bharatryali) February 21, 2018

It’s sad for people to fight over a dress worn in a tourism calendar and shift their focus entirely from the places itself. I mean, I don’t remember the last time I visited any place looking at the traditional dress of that region. Honestly, I would go and try a Hanbok in South Korea, but I wouldn’t go there just to wear it. Let us know about your thoughts, guys!

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