Dec 162012

In another case of honour killing , a 17-year-old girl was beheaded by her father in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district on Saturday night. After chopping off her head, the father Raghunandan Dhobi, surrendered in the police station.

The heinous crime was committed in full public view in a busy market of Dharaura village which falls under Izzatnagar police station. The superintendent of police, Shiv Sagar Singh said, “The father has been arrested and the weapon used in murder has also been recovered. We are waiting for post-mortem report of the deceased.”

According to the reports, the boy, Rajiv, has also been missing since December 10.

Reacting to the gruesome act, Rajiv’s father Khubchand Chauhan said, “The incident took place because of mishandling of the case by the police. If they would have dealt with the case more sensitively, Usha could have been saved. My son Rajiv and Usha had tried to elope on December 9, but the police caught them. My son was later arrested because of a complaint filed by the girl’s father.”

“Usha was aware about my son’s missing status ever since he was released on bail the day after his arrest. The girl must have been aware of what happened to Rajiv and that’s why her father decided to commit this heinous crime,” claimed Chauhan.

Confirming the incident as honour killing, village chief Ladaiti Devi said, “After killing his daughter, Raghunandan came to my house and went to the police station along with my son Jasveer. He was against this marriage because he belonged to the Dhobi caste while Rajiv is Khagi-Rajput.

Saran Lal, village watchman who has filed an FIR against the killing said, “The entire village knew about the relationship between Usha and Rajiv. Usha had turned rebellious and declared that she would marry Rajiv only.”

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