Jun 282014

Salman Khan has been fighting the legal battle in the chinkara poaching case for years. And now the news is that his friend Aamir Khan too got dragged into a similar legal battle when a case of poaching was filed against him in 2006. Reportedly, the Gujarat High Court began the final hearing on the same on Friday.

Apparently, a petition was filed against Aamir Khan and the crew of Lagaan in 2006 in Bhuj court over the killing of a chinkara. The complainant is said to be J V Vyas, a forest official from Kutch forest range, who alleged that seven members of the unit shot the chinkara during the shoot of the film. However, Khan had moved to the High Court in 2008 against these allegations stating that they were not involved in it. He also further questioned that if the shoot was wrapped way back in 2000, then why was the complaint filed against them after six years.

The next hearing is said to be on Monday, June 30.

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