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By now, everyone knows that the release date of ‘PadMan’ has been pushed to February instead of releasing on Republic Day weekend. This was done so that ‘Padmaavat’, which has met with controversy at every turn over every little thing, can have the spotlight alone, because honestly it deserves to have a fair chance.

Akshay Kumar made this important announcement, along with the new release date – 9th February – at a press meet, which also had ‘Padmaavat’ director Sanjay Leela Bhansali in attendance.

He said, “My film was going to come on January 25 and ‘Padmaavat’ was also releasing on the same date. I was rehearsing for the Filmfare Awards, and Bhansali sir came there and said I have done a lot of films with him, and if I can move my film. See, we are one family and I can understand he has gone through a lot, he has put a lot of money, the studio people have put a lot of money. I would want ‘Padmaavat’ to release solo and would like to wish him luck. ‘PadMan’ will now release on February 9.”

.@akshaykumar reveals how Mr Bhansali requested him to shift the release date and since everyone is part of the film fraternity, he agreed.. pic.twitter.com/zjm7pHlNKh

— Faridoon Shahryar (@iFaridoon) January 19, 2018

He went on to say, “Sanjay is a very personal dear friend of mine. He asked for it, so I went for it. They have a reason to release it this time. It is very essential for them to release it as quickly as possible. So, I understand that. The point is not about fighting or clashing. We both (the films) can easily come on this date because the business will still happen. There are around 5,000 theatres and we both can share it, but at the moment, the stake of their film is much more higher than mine.”

People Have Nothing But Respect For Akshay KumarTwitter

Such big celebrities, and so humble and gracious, it’s very rare to see such selfless acts. Akshay Kumar has once again proved that he’s one of the most genuine guys in the film industry and this generous gesture is just too heart-warming, to be honest.

This deserves every bit of respect, and rightly so. People on Twitter are just as much in awe of Akshay as we are. Even the stars of ‘Padmaavat’ took to Twitter to thank him.

Such a big heart.

Big Man with a Big Heart! @akshaykumar …  Grateful to you, Sir ….â?¤ï¸? Mad Love and Respect ðŸ™?ðŸ?½

— Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) January 19, 2018

Shahid Kapoor sends his love.

Thank you @akshaykumar for being ever so gracious. Can’t wait to see #padman. Much love and luck. From team #padmaavat

— Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) January 19, 2018

The generosity is unparalleled.


— Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) January 19, 2018

What a legend!

That’s why @akshaykumar is where he is at. Setting legendary examples for the entire film industry! 👆ðŸ?¼ðŸ‘†ðŸ?¼ðŸ‘†ðŸ?¼

— Amul Vikas Mohan (@amul_mohan) January 19, 2018

If it works, it works.

When you are sure of your product then the release date does not matter!

Kudos to @akshaykumar and @mrsfunnybones for delaying #Padman for #Padmaavat

— Atul Khatri (@one_by_two) January 20, 2018

It’s so rare.

Happy to see the Industry uniting ! Great Job @akshaykumar @mrsfunnybones for shifting date and avoiding clash ! What a magnanimous gesture. Practical & wise

— rahul dholakia (@rahuldholakia) January 20, 2018

Hats off.

Hats off to @akshaykumar

On moving ahead #PadMan to make way for #Padmaavat, he said:

“…stakes are higher for #Padmaavat and Sanjay Leela Bhansali ke liye yeh date zyaada zarooori hai.”

He also thanked @KriArj and @SonyPictures for supporting his decision!

— Joginder Tuteja (@Tutejajoginder) January 19, 2018

First day, first show.

Wat a great gesture @akshaykumar .. I was surly gonna watch #padman in de 1st week of de release, now I’ll go n watch it on de 1st day 😊😊😊 pic.twitter.com/LEsDoFOevV

— Aamir Ali (@ali_aamir) January 20, 2018

No ego, just compassion.

Kudos to @akshaykumar & the whole team of #Padman for having such a large heart to shift its release. For understanding what #Padmavat as a film has gone though & the sort of release a magnum opus like that needs. You have set aside egos & competition & shown true compassion!

— Rahul Nanda (@rahulnanda86) January 19, 2018

Both will definitely be hits.

Akshay Kumar shows great character when bollywood industry is in crisis. Huge respect for him. I wish both #Padman and #Padmaavat becomes hit movies.

— Vignesh (@vigneshbamne) January 19, 2018

A lion heart, indeed.

Mans got a #lionheart @akshaykumar theres a reason why hes gaining so much respect in the industry … lets hope #Padmavaat soars now

— Salilacharya (@Salilacharya) January 19, 2018

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