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Keanu Reeves is known for primarily two things – first, he is Hollywood’s coolest actor and second, he is immortal. Interestingly, theories proving his immortality reach farther and faster than his movies.

Well, I don’t believe in vampires or immortals, but if the world believes that Keanu Reeves is an immortal, I am ready to throw logic and science out of the window. I mean, how else can we justify a 53-year-old looking hotter and younger than people half his age? Unless, someone introduces me to his doctor, whose Botox game is on point. 

keanu reeves doing thingsTwitter

After looking at this picture, I am convinced that Keanu Reeves might be a shape shifter or a time-traveller. Where else can you spot Keanu Reeves showing off with his pizza and another Keanu Reeves giving creepy looks in the background? I would have tagged Reeves in this picture, but I couldn’t find his official page.    

Keanu Reeves doing thingsImgur

But, having said all that, unlike his Hollywood peers, Reeves seems to be unaffected by all the fame that comes his way. He might walk past you or sit and have beer with you and come off as a regular bloke, even before you realize that you are chatting with none other than John Wick. Like this…

keanu reeves doing thingsTwitter

Or this…

keanu reeves doing things Twitter

And probably that’s what we love about him. That he does not have any air around him or that he is so chilled out about all the memes and funny theories made on him. We don’t think there’s any other actor who has as many memes as Reeves has. 

keanu reeves doing thingsTwitter

But, after ‘Keanu is sad’, ‘Keanu is immortal’ to ‘Keanu Reeves is French Actor Paul Mounet’s alter ego’; just when we thought we’ve seen enough, some genius came around to prove us wrong. 

Thanks to Reeves and this Twitter account, we now another hilariously brilliant set of memes. I am sure you must have come across this page ‘Keanu Doing Things’ by now and if you haven’t, you have been missing out on the world’s best thing. 

keanu reeves drinking a corona & having an existential crisis

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 4, 2018

As the name suggests, this page has nothing but pictures of Keanu doing things, yet I don’t know why I got so addicted to this page. 

keanu reeves getting excited over a $5 bill

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 7, 2018

keanu reeves lounging on a chair in the middle of the street

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 23, 2018

keanu reeves drinking some wine and having a nap

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 18, 2018

Once you have seen it, you cannot unsee these hilarious and oddly satisfying pictures of Keanu Reeves doing things. 

keanu reeves encouraging healthy eating

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 29, 2018

keanu reeves refusing to buy new shoes

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 17, 2018

keanu reeves eating lunch & falling into a food coma

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 26, 2018

keanu reeves in a bathtub in the middle of nowhere

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 25, 2018

keanu reeves showing a plush toy around china

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 13, 2018

And we never realised this…

keanu reeves wearing the same outfit for almost 30 years

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 11, 2018

keanu reeves flipping off paparazzi

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 10, 2018

keanu reeves sharing his debut picture book

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 8, 2018

keanu reeves contemplating life while eating a slice of pizza

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 5, 2018

keanu reeves exchanging wisdom with a homeless man

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 4, 2018

Keanu Reeves even celebrated when the page got 50k followers (not really).

keanu reeves celebrating keanuthings hitting 50k followers (thank you so much!)

— keanu doing things (@keanuthings) March 14, 2018

If there was to be an award show where I was called as the jury, I will forget everyone else and just give Keanu and his fans an award for being the ‘Coolest People In The World’. 

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