May 142018

He might be the most feared villain of the Marvel universe right now, responsible for wiping out most of most of our beloved superheroes with a literal snap, and is possibly receiving maximum hate by fans at the moment, but the Canadian Police managed to do what the Avengers couldn’t. They caught Thanos! 

Apparently a man dressed up as Thanos was arrested in Canada and people simply cannot stop laughing. 

The @TorontoPolice do what the @Avengers couldn’t do, stop #Thanos #jobwelldone #WeAreHiring #JoinUs #torontopolice #jobs #TheAvengersInfinityWar

— PCPapadopoulos (@PCPappy) May 13, 2018

Of course, the absurdity and the irony of the situation was not missed and Twitter is abuzz with memes around this picture.


— Gabriel Labraña (@galabra) May 13, 2018

This photo was taken right after Thanos had secured the “overpriced real estate” stone.

— Don Cook (@donaldcookie) May 13, 2018

Toronto Police – “Thanos, we need you to undergo a strip search, we believe you are smuggling infinity stones.”
Thanos –

— Poo Bear ðŸ?» ♿Team Strongbones, #pantsdown4equality (@Bemorefox) May 14, 2018

When Reel Came Alive In Real Life.

Just like in the comics wow!

— actually Todoroki (@zamomsu3) May 12, 2018

And Some Desi Tweets As Well

@mahesh0_0pillai bhayi maine bola tha chutiyagiri Kiya avengers ne, police pakad li thanos Ko, jo avengers nahi pakad paye 😂

— सिदà¥?धारà¥?थ (@Dixit25Sid) May 14, 2018

#Thanos just escaped and got on my train,  minus a few element stones

— Omz (@HomyClauz) May 14, 2018

So with Thanos safely behind bars, is ‘Avengers 4’ going to get canceled or what? Or probably Marvel should cast the Canadian police responsible for this amazing feat in the next installment.

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