Oct 252017

Former porn star Mia Khalifa has often been in the news for some or the other controversy and keeping the notorious trend alive, she recently sparked massive outrage on social media after she shared a particular image on Instagram which has earned her massive backlash.  

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Well, what irked people was the fact that she morphed her picture with that of the holy Mother Mary, who is worshipped by Christians across the globe as she is the mother of Jesus Christ. The photo was massively slammed by her fans and people in general. She captioned the image, “When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa.”

Happy birthday to youuuuuu!!! Thanks for calling me this morning to tell me it’s your birthday 😂 @donttalktoben

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From sending her death threats to calling her cheap names, people shamed her for comparing herself to Virgin Mary. Some called her a ‘disgrace’ while some asked her to ‘rot in hell’.

Wear my heart on my sleeve #TheDCSportsGirl

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One of the users also wrote, “Have some shame ….learn to respect religion….don’t put urself so low …. grow up…”. While another user lashed out saying, “Not gonna lie I’m not easily offended but this struck a nerve even if it was a joke I didn’t find it funny”.

When John Wall posts a workout vid 👀

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Many even mentioned that she intentionally targeted Christianity in her post and should be ashamed of it. “Bet you wouldn’t do that with any other religion. So why this one?”, said an enraged user.

*posts selfie from when I looked good while wearing 3 day old sweatpants*

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The trolls didn’t just tear into her but also asked her to take down the image, but Mia being herself flatly refused to do so.

Faker than your girlfriends orgasm

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Earlier, she was all over the news for punching a fan who wanted to click a selfie with her, following which she was also slammed for hurting religious sentiments when she wore a hijab and appeared in an adult film.

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Mia posted this particular snap in response to an alleged picture of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai that created buzz on the Internet. Several stated that the girl in the picture wasn’t Malala and some compared her with Mia Khalifa. So now you know, where this picture came from and why!

When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa

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