Oct 052017

Bigg Boss Season 11 took off this weekend and fans have already formed their own fanclubs circling around their favourite contestants. From the first promo itself and the list of tentative contests to the first massive fight and nominations—things are happening speedily in the BB house and increasing our anticipation levels.

The show is as dramatic as ever; in fact, you can expect it to be a step further this year. You have a mixed bag of contestants but it is mostly the ‘padosis’ concept that viewers are enjoying a lot.

This season, one contestant in particular has grabbed everyone’s eyeballs, and those who are watching the show already know who we are talking about—Benafsha Soonawalla.

Quite a nice attempt at looking संस�कारी in a crop top and shorts. Not bad Ben. Not bad at all.

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From her opening performance to her talks inside the house, she is gaining a lot of popularity.

Liking Benafsha on the show? Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Lookin’ like this and saying no for drinks like #dyingalone

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Born and brought up in Goa, this Parsi beauty is a total slayer.

Before getting into the glam world, she completed her PG in Management from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Goa.

#musicallyindia #musically

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Eventually, she followed her passion and started modelling, as she wanted to make it big in the entertainment industry. 


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Soon she came to the city of dreams, Mumbai, and was selected for MTV Roadies. 

Ben’s first @beingsalmankhan moment summarised: – . 1)He makes an Entry, audience applauds. 2)He takes off his Jacket, audience applauds. 3)He breaks into his Signature Dance move, audience goes bananas! . . He talks to Benafsha, Our Ben goes BANANAS #fangirl#omg . . . #teambenafsha#vjbenafsha#vjben#voteforbenafsha#voteforben#biggboss11#bb11#biggboss#salmankhan#fangirlmoment#happy#supportbenafsha#bengoesbananas

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Her journey has now led her this far, as she is making her way to being one of the most popular contestants in one of the biggest reality shows in India.

She left the viewers impressed and pretty soon landed a gig hosting MTV Campus Diaries.

Trials for something coming 🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜!! P.S- this is precisely my face right now while I enter the theatre to watch Annabelle. Pretty confident eh? ( IM GOING TO SHIT MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!) BUT BUT BUT as you can see I’m ripped!! I’ll be okay. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ANNIE! (I’m sorry this is just to look brave I’m shit scared of you Annie)

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This leggy lass is one of the most talked about contestants of Salman Khan’s show, and is already raising the temperature with her looks.

One look at her Instagram and you will realise she is quite active and loves giving her followers a glimpse of her lifestyle.

From her sexy dance videos to her smoking hot snaps, she totally owns the domain.

Often called ‘Benn’ by her loved ones, she is now all set to rock Bigg Boss 11.

Only time can tell how far will she go in the show. Will her charms help her mingle with the inmates, or will they become a double-edged sword and bring her own doom?

For now, all we can do is stay glued to the screen and see what she does next. Are you rooting for her or can’t wait for her to leave the house already?

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