Dec 142012

Post the critically acclaimed hit and a lip lock with a girl in SHAITAN, Actress Kirti Kulhari will be seen playing the love interest of Luke Kenny who turns into a ZOMBIE in India first Zombie Origin film RISE OF THE ZOMBIE, produced by BSI entertainment and Kenny Media.

Infact both will be seen in a raunchy love making scene in the film which will be the most passionate scene ever shot in Bollwood, as it takes the film forward and it will also showcase the Origin of the primeval fear and the terrifying path of a truly deranged mind gone astray.

Earlier Kirti Kulhari was apprehensive in shooting such a bold scene, but writer and director Devaki Singh allayed her fears and assured her that though it will be a bold sequence as per Bollywood standards, it will be shot aesthetically. Kirti Kulhari agreed since Devaki Singh being a woman director would understand her predicament and she shared a comfort factor with her.

Though they fear that the censors might have issues, they are fine with going ahead and getting an A +certificate.. Incidentally Devaki Singh will be the 1st woman director in the world to shoot a Zombie film, and being an expert in the Zombie genre, helped in completing the film and winning the race to be the 1st Zombie film against the 2 other Zombie films in Bollywood, which are still lagging behind in production.

Most of the film making countries in the world have their own ZOMBIE FILM….RISE OF THE ZOMBIE has won the race to be the 1st Zombie film in India… Earlier Luke Kenny too, whose last release was the iconic film ROCK ON, was bit unsure of the passionate love making scene, since he has a certain image and fan following amongst the youth, but went ahead, since it was essential to the plot of the film.

Rise of the ZOMBIE will be different from other flicks attempted in this genre since it is not a Zombie comedy, nor a Zombie survival series, but the journey of the transformation and origin of a ZOMBIE, due to unpredictable events, complex back story, into a contemporary psychological horror with unimaginable Zombie mayhem that will keep the audience to the edge of the seats.

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