Dec 142012

Entire shooting of  Raj Kanwar Pictures  first film LUCKY KABOOTAR got completed on 12.12.12..

Though the youngest producer of the film Karan Raj Kanwar (he is only 20 years old and is eldest son of late film maker Raj Kanwar) could have completed the shooting earlier, he stretched the schedule a little bit so that he could wrap up the film on 12.12.12 as it is a date which falls only once in one thousand years and is considered lucky.

It was also an emotional moment for the young producer, as it is his first independent venture and in the absence of the help and guidance of his experienced and successful father. Says Karan, ” I am really missing my father terribly today. But i have decided to carry his legacy forward. LUCKY KABOOTAR was a script very close to his heart.

So i chose it as my first film to produce as a film maker. I know that wherever my father is today must be very happy & prod  to see my this achievement today and his blessings are with me.” Incidentally Karan has also rechristened his father’s banner as Raj Kanwar Picturess  in place of Inderjit Film Combines which was Raj Kanwar’s original banner. Lucky Kabootar features Eijaz Khan, Kulraj Randhawa & Shraddha Das in the main lead in the movie.

Ravi Kissan , Sanjay Mishra  & Atul Mathur in supporting roles. Film is written by Shyam Goyal & has music by Santokh Singh. It is being directed by  Raj Kanwar’s erstwhile chief assistant Shammi Chhabra who makes his debut as the independent director from this film.

A romantic comedy, Lucky Kabootar is slated for release in the summer of next year,2013.

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