Jun 082018

If you ever believed in that age old legend that how all of us have around seven doppelgangers  in the world, then maybe you should continue believing in it, or at least Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister should definitely believe in it. Although the character claims to drink a lot and know a lot of things, this is one piece of information that will leave him shook. He has a Kashmiri doppelganger named Tariq Mir who was spotted by Imtiaz Ali and it’s insane how similar the two actors look!

Tryrion Lannister Has An Indian Doppelganger© freepresskashmir

Tariq was spotted by Imitiaz while he was shooting for a project in the Valley and became instantly viral after the director shared a picture with him.

Tryrion Lannister Has An Indian Doppelganger© Instagram

However, acting was more of serendipity for Tariq and not a conscious choice which he made. Turns out that Imtiaz’s distant relative and a line producer in his team spotted him while he was auditioning to be a clown for a children’s event. It was after this meeting that Tariq realised that someone called Peter Dinklage existed in Hollywood and they were basically twins!

Tryrion Lannister Has An Indian Doppelganger© Twitter

Tariq is only 30 years old as compared to Peter who is now 48 years. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, he shared how life had suddenly changed after this new found fame. “Now, I have become famous. It has given me and other actors in the Valley hope that we can accomplish big things. I recently played Tyrion in a short film and now it is my dream to meet him, I imitate his walk, his style… even his clothes. I feel proud every time I see him on Game Of Thrones. Tyrion Lannister is an inspiration for every dwarf.”

Tryrion Lannister Has An Indian Doppelganger© Mumbai Mirror

It’s amazing how resembling a celebrity can completely change the life of an ordinary person.

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