Jan 172018

Liam Neeson talks about his film ‘The Commuter’

the commuter

Liam Neeson talks about his film ‘The Commuter’. Here is what he has to say

• On what gives the movie a thrilling momentum – The story almost plays in real time. The main character realizes what he’s set in motion and sets out to identify the person that holds the key to the conspiracy. So the tension cranks up at every stop at a station as new passengers get on, and another clue is left for him. The danger gradually gets greater and greater and the film becomes this really fast-paced psychological thriller along the lines of a Hitchcock‘s Strangers on a Train or North by Northwest.

• On director Jaume Collet-Serra – I love working with Jaume. I met him six, seven years ago when we did Unknown and he and I just clicked. He makes my job easier and he says I make his job easier, which is the ultimate compliment to me. Jaume’s a real filmmaker; he’s always thinking of the overall arc of the film and where the story’s going.

• On his approach towards fight scenes – I don’t do my own stunts, I leave that to the experts, but I love the fighting. I’d rehearse and rehearse with Mark and the stunt guys – you have to, otherwise you get hurt – after the shooting day ended and it was great fun. It demands a level of fitness so I was in the gym for 45 minutes every morning before going on set, but that’s part of the fun.

• On Vera Farmiga and her role – Vera plays a very mysterious character and she’s such a wonderful actress that you’re never quite sure if she’s all that she makes out to be. “Is she a cop? Is she FBI? Is she a baddie or what? She plays it very, very close to her chest. She’s always been on my bucket list of actresses to work with.

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