Apr 202018

The much-awaited finale season of everyone’s favourite ‘Game Of Thrones’ is not airing this year and everyone is already having withdrawal symptoms. However, we still manage to keep our sanity intact, thanks to the bits and pieces of information about our beloved stars that keep floating around.

khaleesi wants to show us the got 8 set © HBO

In a recently shot video, our favourite ‘Khaleesi’ aka Emilia Clarke almost gave us a peek into the set of GOT and we are shook because we wanted to walk through those doors to see what magic lay beyond them!

While we waited for the doors to open desperately, we were only met with angry producers shouting, a livid Jon Snow asking her to shut the camera and alarms buzzing off every time she opened a door. However, a few lucky winners can actually tour the set in Belfast by donating to the website which she mentions on the video.The finale is going to be a nail biting affair indeed. With the final battle, the white walkers and the Night King lusting for human life and Jon Snow falling for Khaleesi, it is literally impossible to wait and hold on for the season to appear next April.

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