Sep 102017

You might criticize us for digging old graves, but we still cannot get over the fact that some people in London left music maestro AR Rahman’s concert midway because he played a couple of Tamil songs. While some fail to appreciate good music, there are others who love it irrespective of the lyrics. We belong to the second category. Having said that, we don’t think there’s anyone who will disagree when we say that South Indian songs are one of the trippiest and peppy dance numbers, you just cannot stop yourself from grooving to it. And ‘Jimmiki Kammal’ from Mohanlal starrer ‘Velipadinte Pusthakam’ is one such number. Unless you were living under a rock, you would have definitely heard this song and slyly danced on it too. Well, you are not the only one who is tripping on it, American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel seems to love this song too. Here’s the official video of the song.

While we were busy grooving to this song, there was one guy who noticed the potential of these two becoming a classic example of Homonyms, given how they sound so strikingly similar. He took this opportunity and shared a video of a group of students from Kerala dancing on this song and asked Kimmel if he has heard this or not.

@jimmykimmel have you heard the song #jimmikiKammal 🙄

— varun s Kumar (@varun_s_kumar) 8 September 2017

As we all know the rest is history as Kimmel himself reacted to the tweet, saying he didn’t know of it earlier but now loves it.

not until now, but I love it!

— Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) 8 September 2017

Soon after Kimmel tweeted about the song, Twitter went in a frenzy and their reactions are as hilarious as they can get.

Wow Jimmy Kimmel as jimmiki kammal so funny.u shd telecast dis in ur late night show. Me and wife r
ur huge fans:) Request frm ur Indian fan

— Ramesh Asaithambi (@Rameshtamil) 8 September 2017

you will never forget this song once you know the meaning of the lyrics #jimmikkikammal

— Vinu CT (@vinuct) 9 September 2017

South Indian Sensation making sensation world wide…!!

— praveen mohan (@praveennavoday) 9 September 2017

The least did he know that he’s popular coz of this song in South IndiaðŸ˜?

— Madhu (@pikadhu) 9 September 2017

Now that Kimmel has listened to the song and loves it too, let’s hope that he plays it soon on his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show.

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