Dec 132012

It looks like Jacqueline could be having second thoughts about declining Krrish 3. The actress, who was initially approached for a meaty negative role, was later replaced by Kangna. Jackie confesses that though she wanted to do the film, her dates did not match. In fact, she also said no to Esha Gupta’s role in Raaz 3, which went on to become a hit.

Jacqueline Fernandes

The actress rues, “Sometimes certain circumstances are beyond your control. Then you hear about those projects and think you could have been a part of those films, you do feel bad. But you have to learn to let go.”

Jackie crosses Kangna againRecently at a gym, Jackie and Kangs had a near face-off incident. As Kangna entered the gym, the former model-turned-actress was seen leaving in a huff. Though onlookers say Jackie saw Kangs entering, she didn’t want to hang around and neither did the two exchange any pleasantries. 

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