Jun 272017

Although Jackie Chan’s movie ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ with actor Sonu Sood failed to impress audiences, after watching the trailer of his upcoming movie, ‘The Foreigner’, we can now say that he is finally back and how! Directed by ‘Casino Royale’s’ Martin Campbell and starring Pierce Brosnan as well, Chan will be playing one of the most badass characters he has ever played in his entire movie career. 

Trailer Of ‘The Foreigner' Starring Jackie Chan & Pierce Brosnan© STX Entertainment

Set in the backdrop of London, this movie revolves around a businessman who goes to great lengths to find the terrorists behind the blast that took his daughter away from him. Fueled with cold revenge and a brutal vendetta after watching his daughter die, he sets out to unravel the real reason and the culprits who might be connected to a British government official, played by Brosnan. What happens when you push a good man into a corner, especially when that person has a long-buried past which is better left untouched; weaves the rest of the plot. 

When you have two of the biggest stars in one movie, it becomes difficult to give equal attention to both. But our James Bond and Martial Arts expert proved us wrong with their phenomenal performance and great chemistry (even when they are foes). The movie is slated to release on October 13. We can’t wait!

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