Mar 222018

When it comes to bringing a beautiful story to life, there is no one better than Imtiaz Ali who can do that job effortlessly. He is a master of storytelling and has now come up with a new short film that literally connects to you.

‘The Other Way’ traces a journey of decision making and how often we are left confused. The story brings you Rewa (Shreya Chaudhry), a bride-to-be who is confused and starts questioning everything just hours before her wedding. 

The narration starts with a non-linear pattern, as the movie talks about our deepest fear. Rewa is just moments away from getting married to her longtime boyfriend but somewhere she fears what if she gets bored once they are hitched? What if things are no longer the same?

Imtiaz Ali's Short Film 'The Other Way' Is A Stunner© YouTube

Maybe not the same, but similar incidents do take place in our lives and that’s the reason why you end up liking Imtiaz’s way of portraying a story, that many of us can relate to.

What would you do when you are confused? Talk to someone you are very close to right? But Rewa finds comfort in a total stranger Arjun (Pavel Gulati), who is the photographer.

Ali’s dialogue and voiceover play a very vital role, as he hooks you to the screen within seconds. It’s not that you can’t sense what’s about to happen, but Ali brilliantly makes sure you don’t leave your seat and watch this 14-minute story.

Shreya Chaudhary is high-spirited like Rewa and her eyes often deliver her emotions without words leaving her mouth. Pavel impresses you as well. Imtiaz Ali’s short film is worth a watch and you shouldn’t miss it.

P.S. If ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ made you lose your faith in Imtiaz, this might restore it once again!

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