Sep 242017

Hodor kept on shouting ‘Hold the door! Hold the door’! while fans wept and their hearts bled for the poor guy. Some even thought Bran was a bitch at that moment.

hodor is now a dj in ibiza © HBO

He only mumbled selective words in the show and died as a loyal server of the Starks but off screen, Kristian Nairn, the Irish actor who played ‘Hodor’ is making people dance to his tunes in a wonderful paradise called Ibiza!

Breakfast in Ibiza. 😳���✈� with @stevielux1

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So Belfast… I’m playing at home tmw night at @cuckoobelfast1 . Home in two ways, firstly because it’s Belfast. Secondly because it’s actually my first time playing in my own bar / club.. Cuckoo! I always love to play in Belfast when I get the chance. Very limited tickets still left via the cuckoo website , and you can also pay at the door. See you tmw night !!

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It’s not everyday that you spot a character that made you extremely sad, suddenly pop on the dance floor making people rave.

A night full of surprises with @lovelylaurasax @bensantiago @KristianNairn  ðŸ’˜ðŸŽ†

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#wirez. Thanks to @mkvackay for the pic from @churchnightclub last night. <3 @blackcatstyling @johnnybigg

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After a long day at #LFCC , nothing I like better to relax than , erm … actually no , what an amazing night at #HoliFestival @wembleystadium what a day!!!

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People of course keep shouting his name, it will take them lifetime to learn that his name is Kristian because he will always be Hodor to us. This hipster Hodor is cool and somewhat hard to fathom. However, totally dope.

What a great day this was ! Amazing way to travel. Wearing @satamber lava beads and @badrhinouk @stonesofcharacter @roseark @blackcatstyling

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He probably held the door in Ibiza, to show the Night King how cool he was. You have one more reason to fly to Ibiza now, if you are a GOT fan. Let the ‘game of tones’ begin!

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