Oct 082017

He is a master in disrupting the house. Cheap stunts, foul language, ugly fights…that’s his forte. Since his first day in the Bigg Boss house, he has been creating quite a scene. You can never predict when he loses his mind and starts trashing people and destroying peace.

He created a pandemonium for the first time in the house with his adult joke that people didn’t like at all. His language and his activities have sabotaged his chance for survival in the house. In the first round of nominations itself, he was eliminated along with three other contestants.

On Saturday, he was Salman Khan’s main target and we all know what happens when you displease the Sultan of Bollywood. The actor left no stone unturned and grilled him on National television.

As per the latest episode, the man couldn’t take what Salman Khan said and ended up taking some pills and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He was criticised by Salman for using abusive language with Bandagi Kalra and Arshi Khan in the house throughout the week.

Zubair Khan (c) Color

Bhaijaan also pointed out that he needs to stop faking his identity as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law. Salman also asked him to stop calling him Bhai and said, “Tu Mujhe Bhai-waai nahi bolega. Kasam Khuda ki, tujhe kutta na bana diya toh mera naam Salman Khan nahi.”

Well, that was one hell of a statement. He was bashed for stooping so low and using terms like ‘2 Rs woman’. The episode was one hell of a ride as Salman didn’t spare anyone and gave a dose of his special medicine personally to each contestant.

Tonight the first elimination took place and Zubair Khan was asked to leave the house. Well, not many expected that he would be evicted as he surely added the masala element in the show, which is needed to gain TRPs. But looks like viewers didn’t like him despite his full-fledged attempt to gain popularity and he hardly managed to get any votes. While such stunts work in favour for many, it totally backfired in Zubair’s case.

Do you think he might be back in the house during the wildcard entries? 

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