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Is there anyone who can do a Kendall Jenner better than Kendall herself? Well, don’t look around for answers because we just found the person. And, it is none other than *drumroll please* ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot. 

Gal Gadot on SNL© Twitter

From being an unconquerable warrior and solely breaking all the box office records to cribbing about a bowl of fruits with her model friends Bella and Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot seamlessly transformed into Kendall Jenner in SNL’s hilarious parody show on the Kardashians called ‘Kendall’s Model House’.  However, carrying out one act seemed too easy for our Gal, so she then went ahead and pulled off a Gigi Hadid with such perfection that we are now genuinely confused! 

Kendall’s Model House: coming to E! this fall. #SNL pic.twitter.com/yLMZ9SBgsN

— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) October 8, 2017

The parody show hilariously takes a dig at the famous life of the Kardashians and of course the ‘humungous’ house of Kendall Jenner. The house is so f**king big that Kendall often gets lost in her own home. This exaggeration coupled with Gadot’s epic comic timing, has already kicked off our excitement about this show. Having said that, this gorgeous Israeli actress also made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live with the episode of October 7. 

Gal Gadot on SNL© NBC

During her opening monologue, the original ‘Wonder Woman’ was joined by the Wonder Woman from Times Square, Leslie Jones and things escalated real quick from there on. “I’m the Times Square Wonder Woman. You know how you take photos with young girls who look up to you? I do the same with German tourists,” Jones explained. As the two began jotting down their respective powers, we realized that Times Square’s Wonder Woman is actually the need of the hour. Who needs a lie-detecting lasso, when you have vodka to do the job?  

💕💪 Wonder Women 💪 💕 @GalGadot @Lesdoggg #SNL pic.twitter.com/gZwhPjQwcx

— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) October 8, 2017

Honestly, now everyone else can just go home because our beloved Diana Prince completely owned the show with her epic monologue and THAT KISS, which we don’t think people will forget anytime soon. While the whole world was shipping Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, Gal Gadot seems to have already set her heart on someone else, making us envious of her new found love interest. 

But people don’t seem to be too upset about poor old Trevor. In fact, they are left burning with jealousy thanks to comedian Kate McKinnon who shared a scorcher of a kiss with Gadot enroute her way to ‘Themyscira’- the home of the Amazons. As a part of the sketch, McKinnon and Aidy Bryant played lesbians who arrive on the island nation where the beautiful Diana welcomes them. 

Gal Gadot on SNL© NBC

But they are disappointed to know that they are the only lesbians there and Bryant even remarks that “It’s like porn but the plumber is genuinely there to save the pipes.” Now what will you do if two lesbians come to your island in search of love, but are welcomed by disappointment after seeing the Amazon warriors. Well, being a great host, chances are you will try to make them feel good and that’s exactly what Gadot did by landing a kiss on McKinnon’s lips. The earth, however, didn’t move as both ladies did not seem to be much affected by the kiss (we can’t even…..), but that moment is sure to be burned in the brain of every viewer. 

Well, at least Gal Gadot didn’t need a cue card to make out with Kate McKinnon. #SNL pic.twitter.com/efxdoPs0KW

— Jillian👀Sederholm (@JillianSed) October 8, 2017

Time and again various comic book writers have tried to explore the topic of Diana’s sexuality and have often portrayed her as being interested in both men and women. And while the discussion seemingly continues, Gadot with this sketch has proved that she can set the screen on fire no matter which side she bats for!

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