May 032018

Disclaimer: I will try not to give away obvious spoilers in the story, but subtle hints will be there. So, if you have still haven’t watched the movie, IT’S YOUR FAULT. Go and watch it right now.

Since the past few days the entire world has been talking about ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and so are we. After all, this is one movie we have been desperately waiting for over a decade now. And when it was finally released, our excitement knew no bounds and this movie completely lived up to the hype it created before its release.

Twitter Comes Up With Hilarious 'I Don't Feel So Good' MemesMarvel Studios

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ has primarily given us two things – first, lots of superheroes…and their deaths; second, tons of hilarious memes that will leave you in splits. And the recent set of memes to join the bandwagon is this.

Twitter Comes Up With Hilarious 'I Don't Feel So Good' MemesMarvel Studios

Fans were almost on the verge of having a meltdown when half of the MCU was wiped out by Thanos and it was hands down one of the most heartbreaking scenes, especially the one where Peter Parker aka Spider Man fades into dust right before his mentor Tony Stark. And for all those who don’t know this, Tom Holland completely improved the line that left many people teary-eyed.  

Twitter Comes Up With Hilarious 'I Don't Feel So Good' MemesMarvel Studios

Now, the fans have found the ultimate therapeutic trick to overcome this grief – turn the scene into a meme. And the trick seems to be working, as the internet is now flooded with memes of things and people slowly vanishing into thin air.

Nikki Bella: I want Marriage and kids

John Cena:  I dont feel so good..

— Status™ (@WhatsTheStatus) 30 April 2018

mr. force i don’t feel so good

— heath (@heathdwilliams) 1 May 2018

“Spongebob i don’t feel so good”
“See you on the other side Patrick”

— Dom (@FutureMyDad) 1 May 2018

Donkey, I don’t feel so good

— Kazoo (@KingOfKazoos) 30 April 2018

“Dad……..I don’t feel so good”

— Alex 🇬🇧 (@TheAuraGuardian) 1 May 2018

“Like Scoob, I don’t feel so good”

— V.RI (@VanillaRiceYT) 30 April 2018

Switch: *comes out*
Wii U: “Nintendo… I don’t feel good…”
Wii U:

— Jonathan Sanchez (@_NoJons) 30 April 2018

Bill Gates: What just happened? What has Thanos done?

Windows: …Bill… I don’t… I don’t feel so… good…

Bill: No no no no no, stay with me pal, stay with me


— rut roh raggy (@dannydinglebop) 29 April 2018

“Boys, I don’t feel so good…”

— k 🇵🇭 (@sighkxte) 1 May 2018

“Superintendent, I don’t feel so good.”

— Ice (@IceSeason101) 30 April 2018


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