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Ranveer Singh was the only reason I made up my mind to watch ‘Deadpool 2’ in Hindi. The idea of him becoming the voice of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, the witty af anti-superhero was enough to make me excited. After all, which Bollywood lover, and more importantly, a Ranveer fan would miss this opportunity?

I don’t regret the decision, but it wasn’t my smartest one either. Going to watch Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool has its own magnetism. Needless to say, the punches that the Merch with a Mouth comes up with are hysterical. The first installment entertained us in the most unexpected ways, so obviously, hopes are high for the second movie as well.

Ranveer Singh As Wade Wilson In The Hindi Version Of 'Deadpool 2' Is A Disaster

Roping in Ranveer for the Hindi version did sound like a smart move, after all, he has all the characteristics required to voice Deadpool, but somewhere it falls flat. The Padmaavat actor sure gave it his all in voicing Wade Wilson, but being Deadpool is no walk in the park.

I wish Mayank Jain, the writer of the Hindi dialogues, had realised the same which then would have made a hell lot of a difference to the movie. But then again, maybe the translation is to be blamed for it.  

I can’t deny the fact that it’s amazing to see Ranveer showcase Wade’s trademark traits, in the most natural manner imaginable. He curses like a boss and can seamlessly jump from Marathi to Punjabi accents giving it a desi touch. But turns out, that’s exactly what’s wrong with the Hindi script.

‪Astonishing how effectively I’ve managed to out-crass my Canadian counterpart @vancityreynolds. Never realised how fulfilling & rewarding foul Hindi language can be! #Deadpool2Hindi @FoxStarIndia Trailer link in bio.

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I love the idea of a desi Deadpool, I really do! But when a movie is dubbed, we often tend to forget that in the process, it loses its essence and enticement. Despite Ranveer taking charge, you feel radically disappointed. There comes a point when you feel like weeping, because this isn’t how Deadpool would ever speak (something only a true fan will understand). Maybe I just expected a lot from Ranveer because of the standards he has set for himself.

‘Deadpool 2’ sure is entertaining, but in Hindi, it just goes overboard with the quirks and punches, making me wish it wasn’t dubbed in the first place. TBH, now that I have watched the movie, it feels like the first cut Hindi trailer was a lot better than the second one, where the entire cast was changed.

Ranveer Singh As Wade Wilson In The Hindi Version Of 'Deadpool 2' Is A Disaster© Twitter

Ranveer is an exceptional and versatile actor, who can entertain you in the truest sense, but this wasn’t just meant for him. As a human, you tend to make an error and this is just one of those choices. The movie is packed with pop-culture references that Bollywood lovers can easily connect with, but it gets taxing after a while. I am all for Hindi cinema but not at the cost of boredom.

There is so much going in the film that I feel I will have to watch it again in English to get the real ‘Deadpool’ vibe. You don’t want to watch a Deadpool who tries to sound cool but fails terribly at it. Deadpool is an incredible and unique character and if you can’t justify his humour and persona, you have no right to destroy it as well (Bet hundreds of followers will agree with this).

Ranveer Singh As Wade Wilson In The Hindi Version Of 'Deadpool 2' Is A Disaster

For those who are kind of clueless about the character, Deadpool is the tale of a former Special Forces operative who turns into a mercenary. He was first seen in a cameo in ‘X-Men Origin: Wolverine’ in 2009.

Despite his torturous transformation, he still managed to have his wit and humor intact. He has a punch line for almost everything no matter who is saying and has deadly combat skills making him one of the most popular anti-superheroes of all time.

Possible Spoilers Ahead.

At the beginning of the film, Deadpool is seen trying to end his life, but the entry of a mutant kid gives him new purpose. Then comes the antagonist, Cable – a time traveller (Josh Brolin) who wants to kill the child. 

Interestingly, Josh also played the mighty Thanos in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. That’s why we even see Deadpool referring to him as Thanos in the movie and believe me, that scene is a must watch! However, my favourite scene for sure is that of Deadpool holding open auditions for people to join his X-Force team.

Ranveer Singh As Wade Wilson In The Hindi Version Of 'Deadpool 2' Is A Disaster

‘Deadpool 2’ is densely displayed and amazing in every frame. Ryan Reynolds, who plays both Wade Wilson and Deadpool, can easily be seen switching his emotions. At one point he is emotional, loving and sincere and the next second, he is harsh, mean and rude. It’s like watching two different people. Pulling off such parallel characters is a tough job indeed, and the Hindi version doesn’t let you see that. In fact, at times you even begin to doubt if it indeed is Ranveer’s voice that you are hearing? There is something about his voice that turns you off.

Famous YouTuber Bhuvan Bham pulls off Dopinder- a Gujarati driver’s character efficiently. Absolutely love it when he refers to Deadpool as ‘Pool Bhai’.

However, most of the dialogues are connected to Bollywood that gets repetitive after a while. It’s sad to see how the nature and substance of the script gets lost in literal translation. Just imagine Deadpool slicing someone’s hand off and saying, ‘ab tujhe samjh aayega ki thakur ka dard kya hai’ or him saying, ‘hum sabki g***d chir dene wali team banayenge’.

But I have to give him points for singing ‘mera jiwan kora kaagaz kora hi rah gaya’, that did manage to leave everyone in splits.

Ranveer Singh As Wade Wilson In The Hindi Version Of 'Deadpool 2' Is A Disaster

The action sequences and the story flow is great and even the horrendous translation can’t take that away from the movie. ‘Deadpool 2’ is fun but nothing out of the box. It’s quite similar to the first instalment, as a matter of fact. There are liberal doses of violence and gore, just like the first movie, so be prepared for that.

Ranveer Singh As Wade Wilson In The Hindi Version Of 'Deadpool 2' Is A Disaster© Twitter

If you are someone who loves watching movies that are simple, pure and to the point, then this is surely not for you. The Hindi dubbed version is also not for an audience who loves watching English superhero films.

But for the majority of India who relishes dubbing, they are thoroughly going to enjoy Deadpool’s desi avatar. And the name Ranveer Singh is more than enough to attract thousands in the theatre.

But, I still wish that Deadpool and Ranveer had never happened because it just fails to bring the best of both worlds together, as I had expected.   

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