Dec 152012

In a fast moving city like Mumbai, gone are the days when people used to hurl abuses/ accusing each other face to face, as they have now found a trendy platform for doing this: twitter. And since the last 24 hours the news that’s’ trending’ is that of Ekta Kapoor and her alleged altercation with a 68-year-old man.

It so happened that Ekta Kapoor found herself in the middle of a controversy, post an alleged altercation at a bank in Mumbai, with a 68-year-old man. That’s when the man’s daughter (unnamed though, using the handle @ghaatidancer) accused Ekta of not just abusing her father, but also showing him the finger, apparently when he asked her to move out of his way. The girl tweeted, “A woman at the bank just called my father an ‘old fool’ and told him to ‘fuck off’, because he was in her way. This was Ekta Kapoor. She was blocking his way and he said, “excuse me”. She turned around and said he was an old idiot who couldn’t see, flipped him off and left. Ekta’s bodyguards tried to defuse the situation by leading her father away.” She also added that “Her bodyguards tried to escort my father away, saying ‘bahut gussewaali hai.'” She tweeted that her father was “completely shaken and on the verge of tears.”

The man’s daughter, tweeted, “at first an apology is all that my father is looking for. I don’t want newspaper coverage, or any publicity. My tweets may be public, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I just want her to apologize”. She also added that she was now contemplating legal action and that they would be trying to procure CCTV footage of the incident from the bank.

On behalf of Ekta Kapoor, a statement was issued which stated, “This is to confirm that all sorts of allegations made against our client Ms. Ekta Kapoor are utterly ridiculous. To bring clarity to the matter, Ekta Kapoor was on her phone on a street in 7 Bungalows when an elderly gentleman came and pushed her. Having questioned him on why he did such a thing, the gentleman immediately retorted in a rude and abusive manner. Post this his daughter has gone on an overdrive with her tweets regarding this episode, all of which hold no truth. Such behavior is uncalled for, Ekta has maintained her silence given that he is a senior citizen, but such uncouth behavior and desperate plea for publicity are unappreciated.”

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