Oct 212017

When it comes to Diljit Dosanjh, he is someone who never fails to move us with his sheer talent. Be it acting, dancing or singing, he can don any character without slight hesitation. The man is a rockstar and we totally love him.

The celebrated Punjabi Singer after a long wait has released his much-awaited song and has received a fire-cracking response from his fans around the globe. After five years Diljit and Tru-Skool are back with ‘El Sueno’ and we can’t keep calm.

How can one forget their ground-breaking album Back to Basics, that created a rage among his fans when it was released? A lot more has happened with his latest song. Just within 24 hours, ‘El Sueno’ become the number one track on iTunes India and garnered over 2.5 million views in 24 hours. Now, these numbers totally speak for Diljit’s work.

Still Number 1 in India 🇮🇳 iTunes Chart 💥 #FanPower Punjabi Gana RAKHE TOP TE 😉👉 Keep Supporting Folks 👉 https://t.co/iCWg9Mmp4x pic.twitter.com/Qd28g2MHDo

— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) October 21, 2017

Canada 🇨🇦 New Zealand 🇳🇿 Australia 🇦🇺 Trending Trending TOP Te� #FanPower 👉 https://t.co/TXVFQ9xfBa pic.twitter.com/j81W0tMOHa

— DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) October 21, 2017

His latest song brings together both Punjabi and Spanish culture in such a manner that leaves you impressed. ‘El Sueno’ which in English means ‘dream’ is a unique tale of pride and courage. The song featuring Diljit and Vanessa Calderon shows him and his Sardar mates rescuing a kidnapped daughter fearlessly. His presence is so empowering that you just can’t take your eyes off him.

Since the time the song has surfaced fans just can’t stop obsessing over it. For many this is their latest favourite track, while one of the fans tweeted, “ Diljit brought his A game. Literally, what an amazing song. Made me want to marry a sardar.” Here are some of the best tweets:

@diljitdosanjh song superhit paaji ap punjab de sher ho pajji lvvv uuu hh ji pic.twitter.com/dfppQo3eMv

— Mayank Shrivastav (@mayanksprince12) October 21, 2017

El Sueno More than 3.3 million views Bot Ghaint Veere Salute aa tuhanu Hardwork Eve Hee Dikhda Fer ?✊ Mahraj Sukh Rakhan  @diljitdosanjh ðŸ˜?🙈 pic.twitter.com/UPdrGxei8z

— Amandeep Bamrah (@imbamrah) October 21, 2017

#Elsueno ☺
No.1 In India
No.18 In UK – Main Stream Chart
No.1 In Aus
No.1 In Canada
No.2 In New Zealand@diljitdosanjh ��

— MSDian Ram (@Fan_Mahi_Da) October 21, 2017

@diljitdosanjh.   Respect  viirji love pajii pic.twitter.com/irXtWFxPvX

— Kavaljit singh (@Kavaljitsingh9) October 21, 2017

Livin in Dubai is no holiday today but can’t concentrate on work t#Elseuño in my mind watchd it many times yeh kya kiya sardarji 👳ðŸ?»ðŸ™ˆðŸ‘?💥💕

— Vibha Singh (@KinneySingh) October 19, 2017

Omg�� This song has already become my fav🔥 Inne vadiya lyrics� Twaadi killer looks hayee😭�� Lubh juu @diljitdosanjh 😘 God Bless� pic.twitter.com/G4XK0ZgvYd

— Suchetna Vaid (@Suchetna_Vaid) October 19, 2017

Totally Addicted With #Elsueno �@diljitdosanjh You Are King Paaji 🙌🙇
Love You Diljit � God Bless You☺

— MSDian Ram (@Fan_Mahi_Da) October 21, 2017

#ElSueno defines awesomeness !! @diljitdosanjh paaji you rocked it!! Raised the standards of Punjabi songs…

— SM’S QUEENᵀᵉᵃáµ?â±½â?±áµ?ʳᵃáµ? (@prissha16) October 19, 2017

Really awesome song @diljitdosanjh 👌👌👌…Nd Congrats â?¤â?¤https://t.co/b2BaRZio3Q

— Shalu Nagpal Insan (@shalunagpalinsa) October 19, 2017

@diljitdosanjh gana bahut bahut sohna gaya tusi 👌�👌�👌�👌�👌� thanks for beautiful song Diljit 😊😊😊� pic.twitter.com/UcT9UCW7bJ

— suman (@sumandeeproopr1) October 21, 2017

The video of El Suneo is a must watch, check it out here:



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