Nov 162017

In light of all the sexual harassment allegations that have taken over Hollywood, Drake is doing whatever he can to make sure his concerts are a safe environment for all of his fans. And, this latest incident is proof that he will go to any lengths to help protect all the concertgoers. 

Currently, the rapper is in Sydney as part of his Boy Meets World Tour, and while performing at an after party, he noticed someone in the audience ‘touching and feeling up girls’. He paused his performance and threatened the guy for inappropriately groping female concertgoers. 

Fan made videos started doing the rounds on the internet instantly, and it seemed like he was in the middle of performing ‘Know Yourself’, when he and the crowd belted out the infamous one-liner, ‘Running through the six with my woes.’ Right after that, he proceeded to tell his DJ to pause the track so he could directly address what was going down. 

I got this close to Drake threatening to jump into the crowd to start a fight with a guy groping a woman in the audience. Violence against women, 6 God says no.🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉🦉 #heropapi #protecterofthepeople #6god #legend #viewsfromthe6 @champagnepapi For licensing and usage, contact:

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And, he did not hold back!

He said, “If you don’t stop touching girls, I will come out there and fuck you up.” As soon as he said that, the audience started applauding him. He decided to make himself completely clear, and repeated his threat. 

He went on, “I’m not playing. If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls,” he continued, “I’m gonna come out there and f**k your ass up.”

Obviously, the crowd went wild and continued to cheer him on.

Drake Pauses His Show And Threatens To Personally Stop A Fan Harassing From Women© Instagram/@louisesukari

After putting down the mic, Drake could be seen still talking to that same guy. The whole concert was halted for a few moments, and continued after he had calmed down. 

It’s sad how this is not even an uncommon thing to happen at concerts. Last year, Eddie Vedder had to do the same thing during a Pearl jam concert. 

Pausing the concert, he called out the unruly fan. “Hey! Hey mister! Hey, hey, get your finger out of that woman’s face motherf-”, he said, “Hey mister ― all the fingers are pointing at you. Clear out, mister.”

In another incident, Sam Carter, lead singer of the Architects, had to pause a concert for a similar reason. Talking about the whole thing later, he said, “I saw a girl, a woman, crowdsurfing over here, and I’m not gonna f-ing point the piece of shit out that did it, but I saw you f-ing grab at her boob. I saw it. It is f-ing disgusting and there is no f-ing place for that shit.”

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