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After Zubair Khan, Lucinda Nicholas and Shivani Durga, Jyoti Kumari, a commoner hailing from Massaudi in Bihar was recently evicted from the Bigg Boss house. Labelled as motor-mouth and often criticised for her behaviour, Jyoti was utterly disappointed with this decision. 

In an exclusive conversation with MensXP, Jyoti confessed that she wasn’t supposed to be evicted nor did she expect so. “Most of the people nominated were celebs and just a few were commoners. But I was 110% sure that I was better than Luv Tyagi, but somewhere coming from a village has its disadvantages. Log waha itna Internet se jode nahi rehte hai (people in the village, are not equipped with using the Internet much). I think Luv or Benafsha should have been evicted.”

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Giving us more insight about the house she said, “People who plan nominations are always safe and people who follow all the rules are nominated in the house.”  

Talking about Shilpa and Vikas’s infamous fight, she said how Shilpa often provokes Vikas but that’s not shown to the world. “Like I am sure the makers won’t be showing what all Shilpa says to Vikas in the show, they just show him reacting to things. They don’t show her provoking him.” 

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Talking more about Shilpa she added, “Of course! Shilpa definitely has a flip personality. Like she had an argument with Puneet for the terms he used for her. But when she had a fight with Vikas, she went back to Puneesh. Whenever she fights with Arshi, they make up later hugging each other.”

While Jyoti finds Shilpa provoking she finds Arshi Khan as a person who plays really dirty. She also feels that Sapna is someone who is playing really safe and is double-faced, “The makers don’t show Sapna Chaudhary’s real face, how she plans and plot. People need to know that Sapna is a double-faced personality. She never shows her real face, she hides it. For once she promised she will support Vikas but then supported Puneesh. She is a fake aunty.”

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On the other hand, she also believes that Puneesh doesn’t respect women and contestants take advantage of Akash Dadlani in the show, “Woh toh pagal hai. People take advantage of him. He can’t take defeat and gets very aggressive. ”

Jyoti just like in the show doesn’t think once before speaking her mind out loud even in reality. Sharing about who all should have been out she gave a large list of names and said, “Luv Tyagi, Benafsha Soonawalla, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Dhinchak Pooja, Sabyasachi, they should be removed and I should be in the house.”

Well, that is definitely one hell of a statement to make, we must say!

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