Oct 092017

The Padmavati trailer was unveiled today and the first introduction to 2017’s much awaited historic drama unfolds with a majestic appearance of leading lady Deepika Padukone onscreen. Deepika Padukone who plays the titular role in the film makes a captivating curtain raiser for the magnum opus film.

The actress will be seen spearheading Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s periodic drama, that will feature an ensemble cast. It is Deepika Padukone who delivers a goosebump-raising dialogue, one of the most powerful words spoken in the film. The actress is seen holding a graceful stance with the voiceover of the dialogues mouthed by Deepika sign off the visually alluring Padmavati trailer.

The words, ‘Rajputi kangan main utni hi taqat hai, jitni Rajputi talvar main’, are the crux of the film that is backed by the heritage culture of Chittor – Mewar. The dialogue is spoken by Deepika Padukone exhibiting a powerful yet graceful stance. With the exemplary delivery of the hard-hitting dialogue, Deepika Padukone ends the Padmavati trailer on a high note, building incredible anticipation for the film’s release.

Deepika Padukone looks breathtakingly beautiful as she effortlessly slips into the role of the 14th Century Goddess Queen, Rani Padmini, who was touted to be the most beautiful woman of the time.

The film also stars Shahid Kapoor who will be seen as the Maharawal Ratan Singh, Rani Padmini’s husband and Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji who is enchanted by the beauty of Padmavati. The film helmed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, will release on December 01, 2017.

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