Jan 172018

 chris hemsworth

Having tied the knot seven years ago, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are finally bringing their real life chemistry to reel life! Playing a couple in upcoming war drama, 12 Strong, Elsa Pataky is playing Jean, the wife to Captain Mitch Nelson, Chris Hemsworth’s character. And we can only expect something extraordinary there!

Gushing over working with his wife, Chris says, “We didn’t need any prep time to form our chemistry. We’ve had seven years and three kids for that. But I am very proud of Elsa’s work in the film. “Pataky was not only delighted to work with her husband for the first time, but privileged to play the wife of an American combatant as well. On her role in the film, Elsa says, “Jean knows she married a soldier and that these things are out of her control.

It’s painful to think about what might happen, but at the same time, Jean is so proud of Mitch and knows he’s doing the right thing. It also creates a bond between the wives because they’re going through the same thing. I really admire the strength of the families of every soldier who have been in those moments.”

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