Oct 062017

After a long time we finally get to watch a film that makes you fall in love with it as it proceeds.

Adaptation of Jon Favreau’s ‘Chef’, Saif Ali Khan starrer is a refreshing tale. Unlike most of the directors who would have made it a frame to frame copy, director Raja Krishna Menon adds his own ingredient to the already liked dish, giving it its unique taste.

Roshan Kalra (Saif Ali Khan) is a three-star Michelin chef who works for New York’s Gulli restaurant but gets fired after he breaks the nose of a customer who criticises his food. Left with nothing to do at the moment, he flies to Kochi to spend time with his son Armaan (Svar Kamble) and his ex-wife Radha Menon (Padmapriya Janakiraman). The trip gives him the time to rebond with his family and build memories. Things take a turn when Radha suggests him to start a food truck and to start afresh once again in life.

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As Saif mentioned before, this isn’t a rip-off of the original film and that’s exactly what makes ‘Chef’ such a heart-warming story. The movie works on two different levels: first, it takes you on a gastronomic ride making you hungry all the while. Well, there is a huge chance you might want to go out for brunch somewhere to satisfy your hunger pangs. And secondly, the film deals with the small issues with father and son and how they try to get along, and that’s the high point of the film.

‘Chef’ isn’t all about culinary skills and cooking but truly radiates the warmth and emotions making it a cinematic treat for the viewers.

The film brilliantly mentions how passion and dedication while cooking makes a difference. Wish directors nowadays could understand the same. Without delving much into the emotional drama or forcing things down your throat, ‘Chef’ very wisely captures your attention, making you live Kalra and Armaan’s journey.

Chef Movie Review And Rating© Abundantia Entertainment

Watch this film because you will totally connect to it on different levels.

Self Obsession

Accept it or deny it, we all are obsessed with ourselves at least some bit. Same is the story with Saif. A Michelin-starred chef who fails to accept that he has lost that touch and taste that made his food succulent. In the race of life, he has surrounded himself with middle-class barriers leaving his passion somewhere behind. That rings a bell, doesn’t it?


‘Chef’ also throws up the merits of co-parenting, which is a constant state in today’s urban society. In our society, a divorce is such a huge deal that when a marriage breaks, eventually everything about it does. However, ‘Chef’ brings a much-matured tale where despite the relationship failing, the exes still bond with each other. Radha and Roshan throw light on the merits of co-parenting. You see the chemistry between the couple, but nothing goes beyond. If this would have been any other Bollywood director, we bet attraction would have turned into a one-night stand and a lot more. But ‘Chef’ is realistic and not just about, ‘They lived happily ever after!’

Chef Movie Review And Rating© Abundantia Entertainment

A Tale About Father And Son Bonding

Wish you had a better relationship with your dad? Or trying to build one after a long time? Then this is totally a story that every individual might connect to. It’s about a time where you tie all the loose ends and get hold of things you have lost. It’s about rebuilding memories from scratch for both father as well as the son. Armaan is not being used to his father’s presence and you see regret in Kalra’s eyes that he missed something that meant so much.

Life And Identity Crisis

Don’t we all face it? No matter what’s your age. Yeah, that’s about Kalra finding his passion for food again and not making it a usual chore. ‘Chef’ celebrates the glory of food with a perfect blend of spice and ingredients that represents life.

Chef Movie Review And Rating© Abundantia Entertainment

Finding Love And Passion Again

What makes this film special is that gives you a slice of life and tugs at your heart. It’s about finding passion and igniting the flame once again. There is one point where Roshan says feeding people with your hand is ‘rab ki meher’ that binds up the meaning of cooking for him.

What’s makes this film so realistic and touching is the perfect cast. Saif Ali Khan totally rocks as Roshan Kalra reminding you of a boy from Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Padmapriya Janakiraman is so natural and graceful that you can’t get your eyes away from her, & Svar Kamble is spot on as well.

‘Chef’ is a film filled with perfect ingredients, infused with the right spices, giving it a mild aroma that lasts longer on your tongue and mind.  

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