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Well, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can do about anything in this whole world, that’s not surprising, but can he really jump off world’s tallest building to save his family, that too with a prosthetic leg? Well, if anyone can do it, it would be The Rock himself, but I’m still sceptical and I’m not the only one.

Let’s examine.

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen the trailer and the poster of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming blockbuster ‘Skyscraper’, but if you haven’t, here’s a little refresher.

Here’s the kickass first trailer of the movie which is not like ‘Die Hard’ at all, don’t listen to people, it’s completely original.

And now, the poster which honestly looks quite cool –

We’re all willing to sacrifice it all when it comes to protecting our families.
Here’s the first look at our original concept film, #SKYSCRAPER.
THIS SUNDAY during the #SuperBowl you’ll see how far one man will go to protect his wife and children. #SKYSCRAPER SUMMER 2018 pic.twitter.com/IvFGptLb67

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 2, 2018

In theory, the poster looks amazing, but people aren’t sure of the practicality of it. No one can make that jump, and people are now jumping to their own conclusions as to what will happen to someone if they actually try it.

Going by the poster, the movie would actually turn from action to tragedy pretty soon, because there’s no way in hell that even The Rock can make that jump, unless it was a hardcore Bollywood movie, because let’s be real, anything is possible in those. I can totally imagine any of the Khan’s doing this stunt and perfectly landing on their feet.

Can The Rock Make That Jump? Yes No Maybe

But, Hollywood is going the desi way and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The engineers of Twitter are here to dissect the whole thing and come out with receipts.

Can The Rock Make That Jump? Yes No Maybe

Let’s begin.

No way out of it man.

I’ve mocked up some parabolas for The Rock’s SKYSCRAPER jump. Red is assuming he jumped up a bit first; green assuming he ran forward and somehow didn’t lose momentum; yellow for a sort of squat-thrust thing.

Whichever you choose, rest in peace The Rock, as you are dead now. pic.twitter.com/cAytzrWMRW

— James Smythe (@jpsmythe) February 2, 2018

More people started taking notice and if you’re still not satisfied, one more person did actual calculations to debunk the jump.

So I did some science.

Assuming that there is no “jump-off” (which seems to be optimal here)

We can determine that the Rock would need to leave the platform at 12.7 meters per second (appr. 28.4 mph)

For comparison, Usain Bolt’s fastest recorded speed is 27.4 mph. pic.twitter.com/GruWcbtEAN

— ✨New Year New Christian✨ (@ChristianBedwel) February 3, 2018

This person did it just for fun on the internet, I couldn’t even do calculations in school. First of all, how and why but also, respect man.

So basically, we learned that if Johnson is trying to launch himself over to that window entirely of his own power, he’d have to be faster than freaking Usain Bolt.

Things are getting more scientific now.

I’ve thought long and hard about this, applying everything I know about science to bring you the definitive answer: if he just catches the leg of the K, he can use his momentum and the velocity in which he is travelling to allyoop into the window. He might have to grab the ledge pic.twitter.com/yjpuPpV9I9

— Jamie Rorison (@JamieRorison) February 2, 2018

Well, if we go into the technicalities, this is what would happen.


— Jaws That Bite (@JawsThatBite) February 5, 2018

Maybe, it’s that.

Double jump, obviously

— Dominic Wong (@pappaxray) February 2, 2018

One more possibility.

Or he has perfected the invisible box challenge to work for boxes of any height

— 🦔 rdwrtPimSchravendijk (@rdwrt) February 3, 2018

This is all of us trying to science.


— Partha Srinivasan (@parthans) February 4, 2018

There’s nothing bad photoshop can’t fix.

Easily fixed: pic.twitter.com/mLdWObAChc

— Rapscallion (@RapscallionDK) February 4, 2018

Well, now we know.

Update from the producers: pic.twitter.com/ApsGY7nWzn

— Tom Tompkins (@cptfunnyfunkins) February 3, 2018

So many possibilities.


— Dave Baker (@Dave_the_Baker) February 3, 2018


Is it possible that @TheRock has extra large lats and they act like a fixed-winged-flying-squirrel get-up that lets him glide between elevations?

— Jordan Anderson (@icywarm) February 4, 2018

But, the bottom line is there’s no point finding logic in movies, because science apparently doesn’t exist in the film world. Also,

Can The Rock Make That Jump? Yes No Maybe

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