Feb 182018

 One can always trust Big B to have unique solutions to a lot of problems. His Twitter feed is lit with every personal opinion posted with his own pictures, a kind of narcissism that his fans don’t really mind. So recently he came across an article that explained how Deepika and Katrina were too tall for actors like Shahid and Aamir, and he had a hilarious solution to the ‘problem’. He took to Twitter and posted a job application to work with the tall and beautiful actresses.

T 2617 – Job Application :
Name : Amitabh Bachchan
DOB : 11.10.1942, Allahabad
Age : 76 yrs
Credentials : worked in films for 49 years , IN APPROX 200 FILMS
Speaks ; Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali

HEIGHT : 6’2” .. Available .. YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE HEIGHT PROBLEM  !!! pic.twitter.com/7SBGedQNz9

— Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) February 17, 2018

Well, you’ve got to give it to him for his wittiness! Also, if all the people concerned are listening, it will be fun to actually see these ‘pairs’ on the big screen. Deepika and Amitabh worked together in ‘Piku’ and the plethora of awards that followed are proof of how much people loved them. It will be interesting to see Katrina and Big B share screen space in a wonderful project .

amitabh bachchan's job application for working with deepika and katrina© MSM Motion Pictures

The ‘angry young’ man of Bollywood has a witty side to himself which keeps coming out on display with instances like these. Talking of pieces that compare an actor’s talent with their heights, it’s funny how they justify any of it because we recently saw how  Shahid and Deepika’s ‘Padmavat’ fared at the box office. Clearly fans want to see them together!

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