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Jun 112018

The trailer for the next ‘Halloween’ movie is already out, and I am as terrified as I was when I saw the first movie from the Halloween franchise. 

Seriously guys, if you’re a horror/thriller movie fan and you haven’t seen anything from the Halloween franchise, are you even a fan? If in case, you’re oblivious and have managed to avoid all knowledge about the franchise, let me tell you that the movie centres around a serial murderer called Michael Myers (not to be confused with Mike Myers) who is frantically on a killing spree on Hallows eve, while wearing a really scary mask. Okay, I just got the jitters again.

The actual story begins when Michael is sent to a psychiatric facility for 15 years, when he kills his sister, Judith at the age of 10. 15 years later, Micheal escapes the facility and goes on a murder spree, terrorising a small town in America.

The New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Your Worst Nightmare Ever!© Universal Pictures

The OG ‘Halloween’ released way back in 1978 and was directed by John Carpenter. After the first release, a lot of sequels followed through and the original was remade again in 2007, and the sequel to the original was released in 2009. 

But the recent news around the releases tells us that the movie releasing this year, after 40 years from the original, will be the sequel to the 1978 release and it will not follow any of the previous sequels that were originally made.

The best part about this remake? It has the original Michael Myers and the original woman, he’s always haunted! Yes! Nick Castle and Jamie Lee Curtis are definitely in the film, along with new add-ons of course. The movie is directed by David Gordan Green and also stars Judy Greer and Andi Marichak.

The New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Your Worst Nightmare Ever!© Universal Pictures

The producer, Jason Blum, teased the ‘Halloween’ franchise fans on Twitter, before the trailer released on Friday, saying ‘The Halloween Trailer is dropping Friday’, in three separate tweets.

The Halloween trailer

— Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018

Is dropping

— Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018


— Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018

“The sequel is like the original in many many ways. The writers have connected the dots of the story and it made so much sense that it felt totally appropriate” Jamie Lee Curtis told a popular publication.

The New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Your Worst Nightmare Ever!© Universal Pictures

Well, the new ‘Halloween’ definitely respects the DNA of the franchise and keeps the finale as creepy as one would imagine it to be! I, for one can’t wait to watch this with someone for company for sure, or I might just have a heart failure and die. 

The movie though can be watched by people who haven’t seen ‘Halloween’ at all. It’s not like you have to watch the earlier movies. If you want to brush up on the ‘Halloween’ movie history you can definitely read up on Google or probably find them and watch them all!

The New 'Halloween' Trailer Is Your Worst Nightmare Ever!© Universal Pictures

‘Halloween’ will make its way to you on October 19th, right around Hallows eve! (jeez, what are the odds, right?). Here’s hoping 2018 is as good as they say it will be for the horror and thriller genre!

May 162018

What comes to your mind when I say ‘the one’? I mean, apart from your significant other, who else pops in your head? Still feeling a little lost? Well, I am talking about theundisputed king of immortality- Keanu Reeves and his very awe inspiring life, which we all know the least about.

The actor obviously made a tremendous place in my heart after the first time I watched him on screen in ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’. Two young lads, go back in time and bring back history to complete their school project-what’s there not to like in this movie? And as any young teenager with developing levels of oestrogen, I started crushing on Ted aka Keanu the minute I laid my eyes on him and there was no looking back. 

But the man is a lot more than a crush for some teenage boys and girls and when you do get to know his story, you will realise just how strong someone needs or has to be, because being strong is the only choice they’re left with.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Orion Pictures

In 1999, Keanu Reeves achieved heights of fame for his science fiction blockbuster ‘The Matrix’. Of course, some of us had to watch it more than once to actually get the literal context of the Wachowski brothers’ hit wonder. Neo (Reeves), also the anagram for ‘one’ (from ‘one one’), was the prodigy child of the virtual world, who was the only one who could end the war between humans and machines in the Matrix. Everything about this movie was just about right; the production, the effects, the storyline, the soundtrack and the actors and of course, the movie won four Academy Awards, making it a beautiful and a successful journey for everyone. Everyone except Keanu.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Warner Bros.

There wasn’t a dearth of doubt about the fact that Keanu was happy receiving much recognition and acclaim for his role in the film, but with all that success, there was emptiness that surrounded him, every given day. His life wasn’t easy and neither were his aspirations to achieve an ounce of happiness, but as we all know it, he always pushed forward and did the best he could, to never let anything deter his spirit.

This is his story, as we know it.

Being 50 today, I am sure Keanu looks back at life in a more grateful way than any of us do, ever. At the age of 3, Keanu’s father left their family but he was still in touch with Keanu for a few years, but because of the divorce and the family moving around a lot, his father eventually lost touch with him, leaving Keanu to grow up without a father figure. Schooling was not aces for him either. He had a major struggle with dyslexia and not the kind we imagined to have when we were kids, but a more serious and pronounced disorder. He changed 4 schools in the span of 5 years and eventually had to leave school, without earning himself a diploma.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Pinterest

One would hope he made it okay and of course he did! He found his love in reading and he’s an avid reader now, but back then he found his solace in sports, when academics seemed tough for him. He picked up ice-hockey and quickly became the best goal keeper, so much so, that he was nicknamed ‘the wall’. Well, perhaps he was the Dravid for his ice hockey team back then but as fate would have it, his sports career was shot-lived too and due to some injuries, he couldn’t play ice hockey for Canada. But it’s true that there’s nothing that deters a true sportsman’s spirit and he didn’t stop from playing local tournaments!

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Pinterest

At a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything) Keanu truly expressed how he felt when he lost his closest friend River Phoenix, an actor and a musician from Oregon, at 23, due to a drug overdose.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Fine Line Features

“He was a remarkable human person and actor. We got along very well, and I miss him. I think of him often.” 

His best friend’s death left him completely broken but he was still doing what he did best- keeping his heart open and embracing life as it came to him. In 1998 Keanu met Jennifer Syme and the two fell beautifully in love and a year later in 1999, Jennifer gave birth to their baby daughter. The sad bit? Their daughter was a still born. They’d named her Ava Archer Syme-Reeves and she was buried at the Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery. Due to the burden of this loss, Jennifer and Keanu started drifting apart and finally ended their relationship.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Pinterest

“Grief changes shape, but it never ends.” It’s a lesson that we’ll all likely learn”. Keanu told a popular publication in 2006.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Pinterest

A decade of abandonment from his loved ones, one would think he’d have had enough for a lifetime but that’s what’s overwhelming and surprising for all us ardent ‘fans’. 

He smiled and waved at everything that life brought along his way and never gave up, not even once. The only real thing that changed about him was how he thought about money. After the tragedies that he went through, life wasn’t completely unkind and he was on a blockbuster marathon in Hollywood. From ‘The Matrix’ to ‘Speed’ to even ‘Constantine’ and ‘John Wick’, Keanu Reeves was the new Harrison Ford and everyone loved him. But all that fame and money didn’t really matter to him and at the Reddit AMA he told his fans that he likes to keep it simple. 

“Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.” Keanu told a popular publication.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Warner Bros. Pictures

Keanu, is by far the most charitable, grounded and humble actors present in Hollywood today and he doesn’t think twice before making generous contributions towards charity. After the success of ‘The Matrix’ and its sequels, Keanu gave $80 million, out of his $114 million earnings for the special effects and the makeup staff of the film because he thought they were the true deserving recipients of the money the movie generated. He took pay cuts for films like ‘The Replacements’ and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, so that the films would have enough budget to feature stars like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. That’s the kind of humiloty we wish to witness in our Bollywood stars and wonder, if it really exists within their realms.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Twitter

But more than the amount of pain he’s gone through, seeing someone else suffer is what really saddens Keanu. Apart from the loss that he’s seen all his life, he was not ready to face another one, when his sister was suffering from leukaemia for over a decade. He stood by her every waking hour and even donated a large portion of his ‘Matrix’ earnings to cancer-related charities all over the world and even set one up to help people with lesser monetary aids to fight cancer. For him, it was true charity and the thought of it, truly began at home.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Pintrest

Being one of the biggest stars Hollywood has had, Keanu Reeves is a man made of steel and would easily give Superman a run for his…okay maybe not Superman but he’d give any fallen hero a reason to rise again. The man’s net worth is $350 million but you will never see him show off. Heck, he still rides the subway and is really humble and nice about it and offers his seat to people who are standing, gasping for breath, seeing him being a nonchalant ‘commoner’. 

He makes an effort to know everyone’s name in the movie he is starring. From the set designers to the helping aids, he’s friendly with everyone, making sure no one thinks he’s above all of them. He doesn’t wear flashy clothes, doesn’t drive a fancy car and he doesn’t age! He’s another species altogether! He rides round on his motorbike and up until ten years ago, he was still living on rent!

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Twitter

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Twitter

What does it take to become so grounded and kind in life? A bunch of traverse tragedies to shake your very core, so you realise what human existence is all about or a huge amount of loss around you, to make you take each day with nothing but gratitude? We guess, in Keanu’s case both these possibilities sound fair. He’s living his life, a bit morbid at times (yes, we’ve made fun of his sadness through memes and he’s taken them very kindly, thank you) but why shouldn’t he be internalising sadness while radiating joy all around him? While, most stars throw lavish, grand birthday bashes, Keanu, was spotted sitting next to a warehouse eating a cupcake on his birthday, chilling with people working there.

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Pinterest

Why shouldn’t he blame people around him for what he’s gone through? Why shouldn’t he be angry at the world for letting him down every now and then?  Well, if we’ve learnt something from his life, it’s to never give up! While, sharing meals with homeless people, he does believe that all humans are equals and no one is above anyone else. That’s living inspiration, for anyone looking for inspiration, right there!

The Tragic Life Of Keanu Reeves Will Give Hope To Those Who Are Struggling In Life© Twitter

TBH, Keanu Reeves is a one man inspiration and I implore everyone reading this article-if you ever wish to give up, ever in life, read about him and his struggles and his steadfast stance on embracing life as is and I am sure, you will change your mind.

May 112018

Bollywood serves as inspiration to us ‘mere’ mortals, in every way possible. Be it fashion. clothing or some awe inspiring fitness goals, celebrities may have a dozen pennies invested in the rumour mill, but they still dole out scrupulous amounts of inspiration, for us to follow!

So, this Mother’s Day, we want to actually shower more inspiration your way. Of course, it will come in handy for your own mothers, especially if she keeps complaining about her health and weight issues. All you need to do is focus on some very ardent health routines, followed by Bollywood moms today. They may not be active on the silver screen today, because they might be busy with other things like saving slums but they certainly know how to keep fit and look smoking hot, even when they’re touching 60.

Here’s some inspiration for every Indian mom to inculcate in her life. I mean not everyone can afford trainers and work out sessions like these celebrities do, but if you can follow things they do that are more tangible and easy, then why not?

Here’s listing 10 fit and fine Bollywood mom’s. Stare awat at your screen, mate!

Malaika Arora

The curvaceous hot mama has a body to die for and she works hard for it! She always says her fitness routine is her way of life and she works really hard for that gorgeous bod. I mean come on, you haven’t aged in years and you still look as fit as ever. Could there be any other inspirations? I think not!

Sundayyyyyy in Amsterdam….so not caught unawares 😂📸 @ektakauroberoi #poser#letsstoptraffic

A post shared by Malaika Arora Khan (@malaikaarorakhanofficial) on Apr 22, 2018 at 6:37am PDT

What’s Her Fitness Routine?

The beauty does a  mix of 20-minute cardio and goes to the gym thrice a week and lifts weights. She has also been practicing kick-boxing, aerobics, various types of dances and some yoga and Pilates and of course she has a great diet to keep up with. She usually eats high protein foods and doesn’t skip a single meal. In fact she eats 6 diet controlled meals a day! Maybe try out something from her routine?

Some #malaikamondaymotivation ….#coregamestrong💪 @reebokindia thank u @preetasukhtankar and @anshukayoga for this video

A post shared by Malaika Arora Khan (@malaikaarorakhanofficial) on Mar 11, 2018 at 10:10pm PDT

Usha Soman

Milind Soman’s super fit mom makes us believe that age is just a number! The 78-year-old gives us inspiration in more ways than one. Not only can she hold a plank for 90 seconds, she can also do non-stop push-ups and complete a 100km walk in 41 hours! I mean wow! If I live to be 78, I’d want to be as fit as her! I am sure her son’s her inspiration too, somewhere or vice-versa!

First 10km swim in the sea ! #GoaSwimathon #bambolimbeach 3hrs 39min ��� @somanusha came to cheer 😊 @earthy_5 really missed missed missed you !!!!!!!!! #fitness #fitterin2018

A post shared by Milind Usha Soman (@milindrunning) on Mar 24, 2018 at 12:10am PDT

What’s Her Fitness Routine?

The woman walks daily! Yes, everyday and she eats healthy. I am guessing walking or running daily with a healthy food dosage really does the trick? So, she walks 5 km’s everyday and eats home-cooked meals only and just look at her at 78!

1min 20sec plank for Mother’s day! Not her personal best but good all the same 🙂 #live2inspire #Nextispushups #78 #UshaSoman #NeverGiveUp #KeepMoving

A post shared by Milind Usha Soman (@milindrunning) on May 15, 2017 at 8:09pm PDT

Ayesha Shroff

Who is the female version of Tiger Shroff? Have you met his 56-year-old mother Ayesha? No wonder his fitness goals are so sorted! She’s extremely fit and her Instagram posts on her fitness regime will truly inspire you and make you get outta bed to work out! No kidding! She’s actually known as the ‘lady who can deadlift that much’

Off to the Filmfare Awards��

A post shared by Ayesha Shroff (@ayeshashroff) on Jan 20, 2018 at 5:12am PST

What’s Her Fitness Routine?

Ayesha does a lot of weight training with her focus on flexibility and mobility and she uses the TRX suspension trainer in her routines. If you see her form while lifting, it’s actually like poetry in motion. If you’re in Mumbai, find her gym and take your mom to see her deadlift, for sure!

Listening to the most motivational track. Needed No belt, just #BaaghiAnthem was enough for 235 pounds #Deadlift!! Thank you Team #Baaghi for this one 🌺🌺🌺🌺�������������👊�👊�👊�

A post shared by Ayesha Shroff (@ayeshashroff) on Apr 23, 2016 at 1:16am PDT

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Another name to join the fit and fine bandwagon is our very own Bebo who made her pregnancy look glamorous and like a piece of cake. Of course, it wasn’t but she made it seem so easy with that forever glow on her face. The not so new mommy speaks about her health regime openly and works hard to get fit, everyday and boy, does she look stunning. Did you see her at Sonam & Anand’s reception? Our jaws literally dropped.

Wearing @mmalhotraworld for @sonamkapoor and @anandahuja Wedding Reception, Styled by @tanghavri 💋

A post shared by Kareena Kapoor Khan (@therealkareenakapoor) on May 8, 2018 at 11:39am PDT

What’s Her Fitness Routine?

The actress put on 18kgs during her pregnancy, with all the ghee and makhan laden paranthas but she also lost a lot of calcium, just like all mothers do when they’re pregnant. She drinks a tall glass of milk every night along with 20 to 30 minute of walking on the treadmill. It’s the best way to lose weight, post pregnancy. Of course Kareena doesn’t know yet if she wants to go back to her size 0 days but she’s hell-bent on coming back into shape with the right diet and a strict walking schedule. She also hits the gym and does a cardio routine.

A post shared by Kareena Kapoor Khan (@therealkareenakapoor) on Jan 25, 2018 at 9:01am PST

Pinky Roshan

If you think you can’t lose weight because of age, think again! Pinky Roshan lost 25 kgs four years ago and has never looked back since. I think her son has something to do with that. Have you seen his physique?! But we know that he draws a lot of inspiration from her. We’re in awe of her fitness regime and if you ever need to gain back that strength all you need to do is follow her on Instagram.

A post shared by Pinkie Roshan (@pinkieroshan) on Apr 30, 2018 at 11:53pm PDT

What’s Her Fitness Routine?

For starters, Pinky works out with Hritik religiously. She lifts, a lot and does kick-boxing and some intense weight training along with muscle building and HIIT.

Fitness#Paul britto#gym#health#60 mins#functional#

A post shared by Pinkie Roshan (@pinkieroshan) on May 13, 2015 at 12:59am PDT

Neetu Kapoor

Neetu uses every trick in the book to keep herself fit and healthy even at 58! She has no qualms about turning older each year, as long as she’s fit af.

#lunchtime #funtime #bondingtime

A post shared by neetu Kapoor. Fightingfyt (@neetu54) on Feb 19, 2016 at 6:09am PST

What’s Her Fitness routine?

If you ever go to her Bandra home, you’ll find it scattered with plyometric boxes and suspension trainers. She indulges a lot in TRX, Pilates and a high-intensity functional routine. She also does a lot of kick-boxing to vent her frustration (wait, because she’s Ranbir’s mother?!) She almost never eats out and follows a strict diet. You’ll never see her with a plate at a wedding!

Life is all about facing challenges… #trxkneetucks #50 that’s my count, wats urs #dare #trxkneetuckchallange with @yogeshfitness 💪 lets make the world a fitter place

A post shared by neetu Kapoor. Fightingfyt (@neetu54) on Feb 28, 2017 at 6:36am PST

Shilpa Shetty

This woman is another inspiration for ‘how to lose that baby weight’ and she look damn hot, even at 42! Have you seen those curves? 16-year-old boys to 60-year-old men still go nuts seeing those hips move.

Stung by the Scorpion😬 Taken me 4 months to nail this one.. with all my issues! When you put your aligned mind ,heart and soul into it ,nothing is impossible . Yaaay!! Thankyou @sairajyoga for being the best #guru ever�😬 On to the next pose😬😅#scorpionpose #determined #yogalover #yogisofinstagram #instapic #picoftheday #nothingisimpossible #nevertoolate #happiness #gratitude #bethetribe #swasthrahomastraho

A post shared by Shilpa Shetty Kundra (@theshilpashetty) on Jan 20, 2018 at 7:44am PST

 What’s Her Fitness Routine?

She does a lot of yoga, for weight loss, which keeps her active and young. Her go to is Ashtanga yoga. To lose weight post pregnancy, Shilpa focused a lot on walking and cycling. Along with yoga she also does some strength training and cardiovascular exercises. To give her muscles a better shape, Shilpa does some heavy weight exercises.

Once you realise ,your body can stand almost anything.. it’s your mind you have to convince.. took me years to attempt the “Sirsasana “and now I can do the “Garud Sirsasana” with pride😇💪What you are looking for is not out there it is within you..Keep the faith and conquer your fears. To achieve what you want ,you must keep at it with discipline and diligence and success will be yours.. one dayðŸ™?ðŸ‘?#nothingisimpossible #instavideo #swasthrahomastraho #fitness #yoga #bethetribe #gratitude

A post shared by Shilpa Shetty Kundra (@theshilpashetty) on Jan 23, 2018 at 4:12am PST

Twinkle Khanna

Mrs. Funnybones is super fit, even after giving birth to two kids! Along with her humour, her fitness regime is on-point too. You can see how fabulous she looks, each time you see her on screen! Beauty with brains, this one!

All set for Vogue Women of the Year Awards! @anaitashroffadajania a big hug for persuading me to do this red number and pushing me out of my comfort zone – @naheedee and @priyanka86 love you both!

A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Sep 24, 2017 at 9:26am PDT

What’s Her Fitness Regime?

She doesn’t like hitting the gym as such and believes in pure fresh air, to make you healthy! She loves taking walks and meditating in her manicured garden! Apart from that, Twinkle eats very very healthy and feeds her family a lot of healthy stuff too!

When Mr K convinces me to dance around trees again:) Merry Christmas folks! #Jingleballe

A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) on Dec 24, 2017 at 12:40pm PST

So, there we have it! 8 fabulously fit Bollywood moms, keeping it real with their healthy diets, rigorous work-out regimes and happy positive vibes. They look forever fresh, hot and happy. Why don’t you do something special for your mom this Mother’s Day and inspire her to become fit (er) and healthier, so she look fit and fabulous and happy too?

May 082018

Have you ever gotten inked for something you truly love or believe in? Kind of a crazy idea isn’t it? It becomes crazier, when you know the permanence of your tattoo and the fact that’s it’s going to stay with you forever!

The original Avengers did something as bizarre and exciting and it’s really making us question the finality of the Avenger franchise! The 5 original Avengers got matching tattoos to celebrate the cinematic event of the decade- ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, which is a remarkable culmination of 18 films, over the span of 10 years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

@avengers part 1… They say it’s better to give than to receive … @joshualord 🎥 and #dj credit @jimmy_rich

A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on May 7, 2018 at 8:57am PDT

Heading the tattooed bunch was Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), as it was totally her idea and she roped in Chris Evans (Captain America), to get inked in New York, by a very successful tattoo artist Josh Lord. After these two got their tats done, they requested Lord to fly to LA, so the rest of the motley crew could get the same tattoo, by the same tattoo artist! That’s when Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) got their tattoos done too. The only one who was missing from the bunch was Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner AKA Hulk) ‘ços, you know body ink is not very ‘Hulk’ like!

Wait, it doesn’t end there though! Guess what these tattooed junkies did right after they got their tattoos? To make this a memorable event and thank the ink-lord, the originals each drew a line on the tattoo artist, with the same tattoo gun that was used on them, creating a complete massacre on the artists body and of course thanking him for inking them so beautifully! Oh wait, I completely forgot to tell you what they got though! They each got the Avengers logo with the number ‘6’ entwined into it, to represent the original 6 members, as body ink! I mean, it’s pretty obvious and also makes us question the fate of the next Avengers movie!

“Five of the original six Avengers got a tattoo and the sixth was the tattoo artist, who gave it to five of us, the one who opted out being Mark Ruffalo.

It was (Scarlett) Johansson’s idea, and she and (Chris) Evans did it in New York. Then, their New York guy, Josh Lord, who is amazing, flew out to LA, he did me, did (Jeremy) Renner, and then we just bullied (Chris) Hemsworth into doing it, and he got it.

And each one of us drew a line on the artist with his own tattoo gun and it was a total massacre. Each of us contributed to giving the tattoo artist the sixth tattoo that he designed for us.

By the way, he’s got another one on him that Scarlett did, which is beautiful, which is crazy, because the line she drew on him, which was just supposed to be a straight line, looked like a lightning bolt. It was a mess.” – Robert Downey Jr. ( as told to a popular entertainment publication).

@avengers part 1… They say it’s better to give than to receive … @joshualord 🎥 and #dj credit @jimmy_rich

A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on May 7, 2018 at 8:57am PDT

Despite the crooked lightning bolt Scarlett tattooed on Lord, I am sure the bunch had a ball and I really wish we could witness them all getting inked to see who really flinches with pain and who’s nonchalant about it! I also hope we get to see the final tat the Avengers gave Josh Lord, because apparently it was truly a ‘massacre’ and we love massacres, don’t we?

But, did you know, this isn’t the first time a successful movie franchise team is getting tattooed together. This happened way back in 2001 as well, when the actors who played the 9 members of The Fellowship from ‘Lord of the Rings’, celebrated the end of a fantastic trilogy by getting matching tattoos! Well, everyone except John Rhys Davies (Gimli). They all got the number ‘9’ in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish Tengwar script and I am sure it looked beautiful!

@avengers part 1… They say it’s better to give than to receive … @joshualord 🎥 and #dj credit @jimmy_rich

A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on May 7, 2018 at 8:57am PDT

Anyway, we’re super excited to see what’s next in the Marvel Universe and glad to know these guys know how to loosen up and have a lot of fun, despite the tragic end they all were a part of, in Infinity War!

Apr 132018

Guess who’s back, back again! Well, let me give you a hint! It’s the number one animated crime fighting super-hero family that exists in the Pixar universe. Yes, you guessed right, ‘The Incredibles’ are back to save the world once again!

The New 'The Incredibles 2' Trailer Is Here And We're Dying With Laughter(c)Walt Disney Studios

‘The Incredibles’ franchise is rolling out its second instalment this summer and we can’t wait to watch this family in action once again! Actually, this time it’s just going to be Elastigirl (Holy Hunter) stealing the limelight by campaigning for the return of the ‘supers’ and of course, is fighting crime as per usual, while Mr. Incredible indulges in far more exciting adventures.

What do you think is Mr. Incredibles’ ‘exciting’ adventure, anyway? While the Mrs. is away, he gets to babysit his super-powered kids-Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack and it’s going to take a lot more than strength to keep himself up to the task! Of course, getting their homework done is way tougher than fighting crime, any given day!

The New 'The Incredibles 2' Trailer Is Here And We're Dying With Laughter(c)Walt Disney Studios

The first movie appeared fourteen years earlier in 2004, where Brad Bird, the brainchild behind the animation, drew inspiration from the comic books of the 60s and of course from his own personal family life as well.

“I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have—because I love those characters, and love that world. I am stroking my chin and scratching my head. I have many, many elements that I think would work really well in another Incredibles film, and if I can get ’em to click all together, I would probably wanna do that.” – Brad Bird) As told to a publication in an interview in 2013)

The New 'The Incredibles 2' Trailer Is Here And We're Dying With Laughter(c)Walt Disney Studios

The reason Bird took more than a decade to come out with a sequel is because he didn’t want to rush out to a second part immediately, after the massive success of the first. But fortunately, fans all over the world still remember the film fondly and I am sure nothing is going to stop them from filling cinema seats, to watch the second part, releasing mid June.

Bird hopes the sequel is even more successful than the first movie. Well, let’s just wait and watch what the most awaited animation of the year has in store for us.

Apr 112018

How many shark movies have you really seen all your life? Let me guess? All of them? And why not, shark movies have the thrill of horror and gore put together, with a crazy, wild animal, who is ripping flesh apart like it’s cheddar cheese! My point though is, if you put together all shark movie franchises there are in Hollywood, nothing, I repeat nothing, is ever going to beat the one that’s going to hit the theatres near you, pretty soon!

Watch Jason Statham In The Newest Movie Called 'The Meg' About A Deadly Prehistoric Shark© Warner Bros. Pictures

Jason Statham has been in every kind of action movie there is and the only thing he had to strike off his bucket list was to be chased around by a prehistoric shark, deep in the ocean! And guess what, he’s completely checked that off from his list of things to do by starring in the newest shark adventure called ‘The Meg’. Now, don’t go by the name. The name may sound gentle and dainty AF but it’s actually short for ‘Megalodon’, which was a prehistoric shark, and is duly extinct now! Phew, thank God for that! Megalodon actually means ‘big teeth’ and boy, did it have huge canines, which were razor sharp. The shark existed about 2.3 million years ago, during the early Miocene era. So anyway, coming back to The Meg, the movie also stars Rainn Wilson (The Office), Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Sophia Shuya Cai, Masi Oka and many more.

Watch Jason Statham In The Newest Movie Called 'The Meg' About A Deadly Prehistoric Shark© Warner Bros. Pictures

The film is actually based on the bestselling novel- ‘Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror’, by Steve Alten and is directed by Jon Turtletaub, the same guy who directed the ‘National Treasure’ franchise, the one we all loved! But this movie is not just any other shark film. I mean, nothing can or should be compared to the likes of ‘Jaws’ (I didn’t swim or take a shower for days after seeing the series!) but it has some terrific, logically sequential shots, that can make you, maybe, wet your seat! And of course, how do we forget the movie is actually based on a real life creature, who by the way was supposedly spotted, somewhere in the deep oceans in the 90s! *shudders*.

Watch Jason Statham In The Newest Movie Called 'The Meg' About A Deadly Prehistoric Shark© Warner Bros. Pictures

The plot is a bit clichéd though, but then how else do you create a creature right from the imagination of an aqua phobic writer, if you don’t have it in an already familiar plot line! A deep-sea submersible is attacked by the 75-foot monster (Megalodon), disrupting the workings of the amphibious vehicle and trapping the crew at the bottom of the sea. Of course, there is only one man for the rescue job (Statham), who plays an expert sea-rescue diver-Jonas Taylor, saving the day from the monstrous creature, who’s only role is to kill everyone in sight. Taylor though has his own history with this creature but he has to let his own fears of risking his life go, in order to save everyone from the floor of the ocean bed.

Watch Jason Statham In The Newest Movie Called 'The Meg' About A Deadly Prehistoric Shark© Warner Bros. Pictures

But get this- Statham actually had to spend a considerable amount of time with 20-30 huge Bull Sharks, in Fiji, just to get comfortable filming a movie with a shark and of course to prepare for the role as well.

“On the early stages of the prep, we took a trip to Fiji, and we went diving with some bull sharks. They hand-feed them and it’s a spectacular thing to see. These things are three meters in length, huge big things. There were 20 or 30 of these things, and they were hand-feeding (them) big tuna heads, and we got very, very close, and it was a spectacular moment. To swim in close proximity to a big, three-meter shark, is to be recommended to all and everyone.” – Jason Statham (as told to another publication).

Watch Jason Statham In The Newest Movie Called 'The Meg' About A Deadly Prehistoric Shark`© Warner Bros. Pictures

‘The Meg’ is said to release in the first week of August in 2D and 3D, so be sure to catch this fantastic thriller. Who knows, maybe the movie is based on a true story, since these sharks were sighted again, a while back. But for now, we’re glad they stay in the realms of extinction and aren’t going to haunt us anytime soon…or are they?

Apr 042018

Imagine having a really rough day at work and not really knowing how to unwind. It’s usually believed that a good dose of visual entertainment is a viable cure for bad days, in modern times. So if you have the opportunity and the resources, why not use them to unwind, relax and have a few laughs. Netflix has a fine selection of some rather eclectic comedy and there’s a lot to tickle your funny bone, the one that you seldom use, while living a tough routine.

So, the next time you feel wired and extremely wound up, maybe cue the following from Netflix and literally just ‘chill’ the hell out!

1. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© NBCUniversal Television Distribution

The show will have you in splits just by the sheer characterization and a complete mockery of the Brooklyn Police station. Well, the PS is all bed and roses compared to the Manhattan Police Station, after all! Watch it when you’re down and out and it’ll certainly make you laugh.

Watch the trailer here

2. ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Netflix

The show is all about guts and gore but it’s also hilarious! And why shouldn’t it be? It has Drew Barrymore in a zombie wife/mom avatar, eating people to survive, and the best part? Her family loves to help her out.

Watch the trailer here

3. ‘Rick And Morty’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Warner Bros Television

An adult sci-fi comedy animated series that follows the exploits of a madcap super scientist and his not-so-bright grandson/apprentice. The subtle humour and clever puns will actually give any other adult animation a run for its money!

Watch the trailer here

4. ‘Grace And Frankie’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Netflix

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin come together for this original Netflix comedy with a rather obscure twist! The lives of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin (who are actual rivals) change drastically in the series when both their husbands fall in love with each other! All the ladies gotta do now is stick together and figure this one out!

Watch the trailer here 

5. ‘Master Of None’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Netflix

Master Of None is a subtle take on Aziz Ansari’s real life struggles in the city of New York. The original Netflix series written by Ansari and Alan Yang revolves around a guy (Dev) and his way of life, while he’s struggling to become an actor in the big bad city. The show is hilarious as it’s a dig on what Ansari faced in reality, in his younger years.

Watch the trailer here

6. ‘Disjointed’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Warner Bros. Television

Kathy Bates is back as her funniest self in this ‘ruth’less Netflix original comedy from the makers of ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Two And A Half Men’. Ruth (Kathy Bates), is an advocate for marijuana legalisation and loves to smoke pot! her wish to publicly advocate use of marijuana comes true when she becomes the owner of a LA cannabis dispensary! What happens next is something you should check out.

Watch the trailer here

7. ‘The Good Place’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Fremulon

A deceased saleswoman is accidently sent to the ‘good place’ and she is really confused about how she landed there in the first place! Everyone there is unaware of her morally dodgy past except her assigned soul mate.

Watch the trailer here

8. ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Sony Pictures Television

Remember Seinfield? Of course you do, the show was a classic. Well, Jerry Seinfield is back with his own show on Netflix, where he picks out some fine comedians, takes them for a ride in vintage cars and has coffee with them, while having the funniest of conversations. The show is a hoot and a half and some episodes are definitely worth a watch!

9. ‘Dear White People’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Netflix

This Netflix orignal series has shades of funny but is actually about a serious issue that stemmed from the backbone of America’s dark history and it continues to plague the present. A group of students of colour at Winchester University are faced with a cultural biases and social injustice at a predominantly white Ivy League college. The show uses humour, irony and some amount of brutal honesty to highlight the ‘post-racial’ society that exists today.

Watch the trailer here

10. ‘The Standups’

Best Comedy Shows Available on Netflix© Netflix

As the name suggests, ‘Standups’ is about stand up comedy. The toughest job is to make a crowd laugh at your own jokes but these gifted comedians get a stage to share their humour with a live audience, every week. Netflix’s fine pick of some of the best stand-up comedy act in America is a great way to end the day with.

Watch the trailer here

Buffer your favourite comedy right about now and give yourself a good laugh. You truly deserve it!

Mar 242018

Every once in a while, we need the kind of visual entertainment that can shock us to the core and keep our eyes fixated on the screen throughout. It’s even better when it has elements of reality to spark our interest further and nothing beats a good dose of realism than a documentary with a gripping reality that forces you to look at the world with a completely fresh perspective.

This Documentary Will Reveal The Darkest Side Of Osho's Philosophy© Netflix

‘Wild Wild Country’, the newest documentary on Netflix, is giving our visual senses a much needed kick of excitement it truly deserves with its intense storyline and a slight tinge of darkness. I must warn you though, this documentary is not for the faint hearted. So if you and bae have made plans to watch something super romantic, you might want to save this one for another day…perhaps a rainy day, where everything is dark, a bit horrific and gloomy, just like this film BUT in a good way! But if you’re evenly experimental in your relationships, this movie could also be a good ice-breaker. Conversationally, I mean. If your girl is interested in some heavy ‘sex cult’ and ‘bio-terrorism’ talks, then certainly watch this with her.

The documentary is the untangling of a violent and dark piece of history which was rightfully forgotten, till it sparked a debate again, a few years ago. The reign of the Osho or Bhagawan Shree Rajneesh in India was admirable to a few and debatable to the rest. Osho was mostly referred to as the trail-blazer of a sex cult, whose idea to bestow the concept of ‘free love’ upon his people was through mystic cultísh practices in a state-of-the-art resort in Pune and in other parts of the country as well. If you’ve ever followed the readings of Osho, the man did make a lot of sense, and apart from the fact that he is still referred to as the ‘sex guru’, his teachings go way beyond that, if you really delve into them.

This Documentary Will Reveal The Darkest Side Of Osho's Philosophy© Netflix

But this documentary is not about his sojourn in India, with his followers. Before he set up his establishment in India, he was based out of North-Western United States, in Oregon and was often referred to as the ‘rich-mans Guru’. Osho, attempted to build a brand new empire there, and acquired a 64,000 acre ranch in the deserts of Oregon in Antelope, while preaching ‘free love’, intermittently, during the hardcore meditation sessions. The little county had a local population, that was not very pleased with the activities the cult propagated or the mannerism the cult supporters displayed. Soon the cult supporters in the town outnumbered Antelope’s local inhabitants and renamed the town  as ‘Rajneeshpuram’, in honour of their leader. The borders of the land were constantly protected with armed guards who carried AK-47 with them.

The cult in #WildWildCountry look like their militia was styled by Wes Anderson.

— Francine Toon (@FrancineElena) 18 March 2018

Me when I find out there’s a new cult documentary. #WildWildCountry #Netflix

— rebecca’s complete lack of surprise (@R_CartR) 17 March 2018

The cult obviously believed in having copious amounts of sex to achieve any and every sort of spiritual freedom, as they believed repressing sexual appetite was a dangerous practice. Rajneesh, aka, Osho almost always bragged about the amount of sex he’d had with a number of women, earning him the title of the ‘sex guru’ in the media. Reports also indicated that he had about 90, top quality Rolls Royce cars, all bought by the money that was ‘donated’ by his rich followers.

This Documentary Will Reveal The Darkest Side Of Osho's Philosophy© Netflix

Obviously the local residents were not very happy with the ongoing cult practices and the deliberate discrepancies that were displayed inside his ashram, which fell into the realms of the ‘unknown’. Most locals could hear moaning and sex sounds from the ranch and were obviously not very happy with the lusty antics going on there.

The six-part series talks about the dissemination of one of the biggest cult practices in the world and how the cult tried to take over the entire county of Antelope, while terrorising it’s local residents. Well, I am not going to give away the real juice here, but you have to know this-you don’t have to be a scientist to propagate acts of bio-terrorism! Well, it was evident Rajneesh and his cult wanted to create an entire city, but do you know what stopped them? Well. You have to watch this masterpiece to really know how it all ended.

My god! #WildWildCountry on @netflix is one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. It is an amazing story about a religious group (labeled a Cult) moving from India to a small town in USA thinking that the constitution would protect their rights. Boy were they wrong! #Riveting

— James McDougall (@ActorJamesMcD) 19 March 2018

#WildWildCountry is amazing, lives up to the hype. Makes you empathize with both sides, sometimes simultaneously.

— Jonathon Norcross (@JonNorcross) 17 March 2018

I’m only 12 minutes into #WildWildCountry and I’ve already said ‘holy shit’ twice

— Meg Moo (@CuriousClock) 17 March 2018

I wonder if the Rajneesh documentary on Netflix will finally make people stop sharing “inspirational quotes” from cult leader Osho on social media #WildWildCountry

— Joanna (@napkinpoem) 16 March 2018

As far as I know viewers are raving about the documentary all over social media and it has a 100% from Rotten Tomatoes too. But I must warn you; this series really doesn’t give us all the answers and leaves most things to our perception to judge the good from the evil!

So, if you’re doing nothing this weekend, give this one a watch. Click here for the trailer.

Mar 132018

A lot of Bollywood celebrities are getting fitter by the day and some of them even take the initiative to perform their own action stunts in front of the camera. Bollywood is no longer just about glitz and glamour anymore and most actors and actresses in Bollywood possess some serious ass-kicking skills! By that, we mean most celebrities are learning or have learned martial arts and are not afraid to show it off in front of the camera!

Here are ten celebrities from the hood, who have mastered the art of martial arts and are certainly very proud of it!

Akshay Kumar

We’ve seen the star in action since his ‘Khiladi’ days. The veteran action hero is trained in Muay Thai, a martial arts form from Thailand, while he was in Bangkok, before joining Bollywood. He also runs many martial arts academies all over the country and has opened a women’s only self-defence centre recently in Mumbai. Talk about imparting wisdom!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Facebook/Akshay Kumar

Aishwarya Rai

Ash learned karate for her blockbuster flick ‘Robot’, a movie she did with Rajnikanth a few years ago. Imagine the most beautiful woman in the world kicking some serious butt in her karate gear! She was taught by her teacher ‘karate’ Ramesh, who runs the Japan Shito-Ryu karate school in India.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Sun Pictures

Tiger Shroff

With a name and body like that, you would actually expect him to know some hardcore martial arts! Tiger has been practicing martial arts since he was 14-years-old! Trained in gymnastics, Taekwondo and Wushu, he usually choreographs most of his stunts in his movies. Seen ‘Heropanti’ yet?

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Times Of India

Deepika Padukone

When she signed up for ‘Chandni Chowk To China’, Deepika received some serious Jiu-Jitsu training and trust us, it wasn’t a crash course. You know why? because she was trained by her co-star Akshay Kumar himself!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Ramesh Sippy Entertainment

John Abraham

While taking up ‘Race 2’, John was asked to train in MMA (mixed martial arts) for a sequence of ‘cage fighting’ in the movie. Not that John needs much training, but because it was a specialized skill, he had to undergo it! We’re not complaining, really!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© UTV Motion Pictures

Genelia D’Souza

Almost-new mommy to another baby boy, Genelia has trained in one of the toughest forms of martial arts called ‘Kalaripayattu’, from Kerala. She went through some vigorous training for her film ‘Urumi’, where she was a sword-wielding warrior and looked hot AF!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Indiatmes

Vidyut Jamwal

Another ace Kalaripayattu practitioner, Vidyut has been learning martial arts since the age of 4. He didn’t hone the skill for a particular movie but to enhance his own technique in one of the most prominent forms of martial arts in India.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Youtube

Nargis Fakhri

Nargis is currently training in Muay Thai and we think it’s for an upcoming movie! We’re just glad to see another woman throwing some kicks and punches on screen!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Facebook/Nargis Fakhri

Randeep Hooda

If we’re talking about good bod’s and fitter people, we can’t leave Mr. Hooda behind, can we? The actor is quite the sportsman and also co-owns the Super Fighter League (SFL) team- Haryana Sultans. The actor plans to train the Mumbai fire-fighters in MMA (mixed martial arts) and we can’t be more thrilled!

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Times Of India

Priyanka Chopra

PeeCee had to go through some intense martial arts training for her film ‘Drona’, which released back in 2008. It certainly doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her skill and we’re sure she shows them off time and again in ‘Quantico’! The actress was trained in Gatka, a style of stick fighting developed by the Sikhs in Punjab.

Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Trained In Martial Arts© Twitter

So there we have it, ten fit and fine Bollywood celebs who are tough as a brick, along with their fine acting skills. We also have experienced actors like Shilpa Shetty, Ajay Devgn, Govida, Kamal Hasan and Kangna Ranaut who know some form of martial arts too. Well, they definitely serve as true inspiration and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Mar 092018

2018 has been pretty eventful so far. We have kids eating tad pods, people creating ruckus over a fictional movie and men getting turned on by a school girl winking! Here’s another bizarre piece of information to add to the list-  a conspiracy theory that Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is actually immortal! Yes, it sounds exactly the way you’ve read it and we’ll tell you how!

First off, we have Mr. Paul Mounet, a 19th century French actor, who had a striking resemblance to Keanu Reeves. The resemblance is so uncanny that you really feel as if Keanu owns a time travelling machine! Not only are the physical similarities striking, but the fact that Mounet was a prominent actor in Paris really confuses us about the sheer universal coincidence! We just think Keanu dresses up in 19th century French clothing every now and then and sits down patiently to get himself painted.

Conspiracy Theory About Keanu Reeves Being Immortal© Pinterest

It’s not just the uncanny resemblance but we actually think Keanu Reeves hasn’t aged a bit since his absolute childhood hit ‘Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure’! Which makes us believe that he’s either immortal or needs to tell us which age-defining cream he is using! I am guessing Olay? While one may wonder the extent of cosmetic surgeries or Botox he may have used to give him the youthfulness we see but then again, it’s been 29 years since he first appeared on screen and we really can’t tell the difference between then and now! Which really presents the greatest dilemmas of all time: is Keanu Reeves really immortal?

Conspiracy Theory About Keanu Reeves Being Immortal© Youtube

It’s not just his face that’s ageless, it’s the way he’s been dressing over the years too! He’s never really mixed up his style or experimented with clothes, ever! You will always find him in a black blazer and a t shirt underneath it. Style statement or sheer laziness, who is to know!

Conspiracy Theory About Keanu Reeves Being Immortal© Facebook

Well, this isn’t a theory cooked up in a MensXP Monday morning meeting! We aren’t that jobless! A poll conducted by the Tylt found that 74% of the people around the world think he is immortal! Who are we to contest that anyway?

Conspiracy Theory About Keanu Reeves Being Immortal© Facebook

Whether or not Keanu Reeves is immortal remains to be seen but for now we really hope and wish he continues his acting career as flawlessly as his never-ageing skin!