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May 082018

Sonam ki shaadi is the next best thing to happen to the internet after Virushka and Taimur. The Indian internet is having a collective orgasm looking at the pictures of drop-dead gorgeous celebrities dancing in their designer dresses and washboard abs. The most fashionable diva of Bollywood is getting married. All eyes are on the A-list stars and, of course, the much-in-love couple. 

While Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan dance away their blues, Swara Bhaskar looks stunning in Indian wear. Karan Johar poses with a half-smile which he claims is the new pout. Our Insta feeds are full of Sonam, Swara Bhasker, Anil Kapoor, Karan Johar, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, and anybody who is somebody in Bollywood or its extended family. 

The Awkwardness Of Being Anand Ahuja In Sonam Ki Shaadi© Instagram_tagposttweet

Amidst all this, you spot a shy Anand Ahuja manoeuvring through Bollywood celebrities who are cheering him on, for he is the star of the show today. Anand is an affluent businessman, the owner of a successful fashion label, but unlike the Kapoors, he is not used to living his life in the limelight. Being a second-generation Bollywood family, the Kapoors are well settled in their celebrity status now. And Sonam, of them all, takes to the camera like fish to water (even if there is some struggle, it doesn’t show) – she is chirpy, she is goofy, she is living her Punjabi wedding. 

The Awkwardness Of Being Anand Ahuja In Sonam Ki Shaadi© Instagram_the high.liter

Dancing with her henna-ed hands flung in the air, she pulls in her groom by the arm, egging him on to shake a leg. Anand obliges with the characteristic awkwardness of a groom aware of all eyes on him. Maybe he is not a dancer, maybe he is just shy. It’s difficult to miss, the awkwardness, especially when contrasted with Sonam’s exuberance. You instantly identify with Anand. He is all of us at a family function when you don’t know your relatives well enough to go crazy on the dance floor but you have to oblige them because they force you to. 

“I got you baby…” #SonamKiShaadi #everydayphenomenal @sonamkapoor @anandahuja

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If you have been to any Indian wedding, you know all too well how it works. Ask any friend who has recently been married and he will confess he still sees the wedding photographers in his dreams asking him “Sir, smile pleeese.” He is still using BoroPlus on the corners of his lips that cracked under the weight of the obligatory shaadi ka ladoos that were stuffed into his mouth by the chachis and mamis he never knew existed. 

The Awkwardness Of Being Anand Ahuja In Sonam Ki Shaadi©

We have seen the mehndi, sangeet and shaadi looks of almost everybody from the Kapoor clan. We know what Janhvi, Khushi, Shanaya, Arjun Kapoor wore, but we have forgotten what Anand flaunted. It’s almost as if he is a best man at his own wedding. It’s Veere di wedding and Sonam is the veera while Anand the best friend. 

Sorry Anand, the Indian public will always be obsessed with Bollywood and we are no different. Considering the vivacious charm of Sonam Kapoor, we are sure you don’t mind. WE wouldn’t. 

Of course, it doesn’t matter because the couple is very much in love and they are two sensible individuals who have handled their relationship in a very mature fashion. As a matter of fact, Anand’s shy awkwardness is as disarming as Sonam’s childlike exuberance. It’s a perfect match.

Apr 302018

Rajkummar Rao is one of the most underrated actors in the country, but that hasn’t stopped the man from carving his own niche in the industry. Working with the quiet brilliance of an underdog, Rajkummar has found himself in the league of class actors like Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. While ‘Aligarh’ and ‘Shahid’ established him as a brilliant actor, movies like ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ proved he could pull off commercial roles with as much ease.

At a time when the industry is full of stars and newcomers are pulling off lead roles in big budget films, how does an actor as brilliant as Rajkummar Rao deal with everyday disappointment and rejection – something that is always a part of an artist’s life, no matter how big they are.

Rajkummar Rao's Advice On How To Deal With Rejection Is The Secret To Being Brilliant © Instagram/Rajkummar Rao

While speaking to Bombay Times, the actor said,

“I love what I do. For me, a film set is the best place to be in. As long as I am acting, it doesn’t matter whether I have faced rejection. I don’t even think of it or talk about it, because I don’t carry my past as a baggage. Neither am I futuristic; I don’t think about where I will be five years from now. This is life. Yahaan sab kuch hota hai. Rejection is also a part of it.”

Rejection is something we all have to deal with, no matter who we are. One could be a successful CEO, one could be an iconic Bollywood star – rejection knocks on everybody’s door. And when it does, we have two options. We can either let it overpower us and all our decisions or we can choose to forget about it till it stops making a difference. Most of us do the former; and it’s only human.

But the day rejection and failure stop mattering to us is the day we truly begin our journey towards brilliance in whatever we do. The shadow of impending failure never lets you truly give your best to something you do. Likewise, the weight of past failures prevents us from going out there and taking life by the horns.

If there is one thing that will distract us from the fear of rejection, it is work itself. When you work without the fear of failure and the lure of success, you focus only on the thing that matters the most – your work. This is not just the secret to being brilliant, it’s also the secret being happy. For failures cease to deject you; they are merely statistics of what did not work for you. 

As Rao says, “This is life. Yahaan sab kuch hota hai.” 

Mar 192018

Ranveer Singh just keeps getting better. He can play a boy-next-door as convincingly as a brutal sultan, and he can do it effortlessly. His insane portrayal of tyrant Khilji is undoubtedly one of the best cinematic performances in the Hindi film industry so far. The actor confessed that playing the menacing character of Khilji was emotionally draining for him. He talked about how he had to go to a dark place within himself to find the essence of Khilji. And the results were there for all of us to see – Ranveer’s Khilji was fascinatingly terrifying. 

BTS Video Of 'Binte Dil' Is Proof Of Ranveer's Talent© Bhansali Productions

Supporting him perfectly was Jim Sarbh, who played Malik Kafur, the slave confidant to Ranveer’s Khilji. Sarbh beautifully played his part of the smitten slave swooning over his sultan. Nothing captures their chemistry more sensually than the song ‘Binte Dil’. Ranveer’s uninhibited passion in the song is unmatched in Bollywood. 

BTS Video Of 'Binte Dil' Is Proof Of Ranveer's Talent© Youtube_T-Series

The actor shared a behind-the-scenes footage of ‘Binte Dil’ and it just goes on to show how well he knows his craft. 

BTS Video Of 'Binte Dil' Is Proof Of Ranveer's Talent© Youtube_T-Series

While Mr Bhansali is seen helping Ranveer with the technicalities of playing with fire in a bathtub, the actor takes it from there and makes the scene his own. 

BTS Video Of 'Binte Dil' Is Proof Of Ranveer's Talent

Even Bhansali is left in awe of Ranveer’s craft.

BTS Video Of 'Binte Dil' Is Proof Of Ranveer's Talent

Here’s the complete video. As Mr Bhansali says, “Ranveer, kya karta hai iss gaane ka…wah wah…”

Mar 142018

In a very short time, 7 years in Bollywood, Rajkummar has created a niche for himself. A method actor who has officially studied method acting (at Film and Television Institute of India), Rajkummar Rao has worked his way in the industry with the quiet brilliance of an underdog. He is no Greek god, he has no godfathers in the industry, he is as middle class as the characters he plays; but he has one thing that’s most required but least emphasised – a knack for mastering the characters he plays.  

He can be as convincing as the middle class immigrant desperate to find a livelihood in a new city (in ‘City Lights’) as he can be as the young journalist Deepu Sebastian troubled by the tragic case of Prof Siras (in ‘Aligarh’). 

How Rajkummar Rao Carved A Niche For Himself In Bollywood© Instagram/Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao, who was born as Rajkummar Yadav in Gurgaon, Haryana, doesn’t try to overpower the role. He is the perfect catalyst to a well-written part. Rao has a grounded understanding of the roles he plays, an understanding that is free of the vanity and narcissism that often come naturally to an actor in the industry. He doesn’t try to overshadow everything else in the frame – he can merge in the background seamlessly enough but not without delivering the weight of reality to the frame. 

Rao knew from a young age acting was his calling, and he was prepared for the struggle that would come his way. That’s probably one of the reasons why he never shied away from stretching his limits for a role. While he starved himself to lose weight for his first film ‘Love, Sex and Dhokha’, he had no qualms doing it again for ‘Trapped’ where he nearly stopped eating. 

How Rajkummar Rao Carved A Niche For Himself In Bollywood© Relaince Entertainment

Only 7 years in the industry and he has already been through more than a handful of transformations for roles. To play Netaji Subash Chandra Bose in ‘Bose’, he gained an excess of 10-12 kilos, which he had to shed for a leaner look in ‘Fanney Khan’ for which he put himself on a diet of one bowl of dal in a day for 2 weeks. When you are living your dream, food is but a mere distraction. He is the industry outsider who has done the ritualistic struggler life in Mumbai – hustling for the big break, running out of money to eat in trying to stay afloat in tinsel town. 

How Rajkummar Rao Carved A Niche For Himself In Bollywood © Instagram/Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao doesn’t crave stardom, he craves excellence. He works more on each role than on his image as an actor. Perhaps that is why he worked in the industry without a PR or a management firm to handle his engagements so far. This is also one reason why he has chosen roles for their merit rather than their star value. 

“It will happen when it happens. Of course, I wouldn’t mind my films to become blockbusters. But I’m not really aiming for that. I can’t work thinking that, ‘let this film be a blockbuster’. And how can I make this film into one,” he said. 

How Rajkummar Rao Carved A Niche For Himself In Bollywood © Instagram/Rajkummar Rao

An intelligent choice of roles has worked a long way in keeping his talent relevant. A choice that was born out of a conviction for the work he was doing – Rao was clear from the beginning that he wouldn’t compromise on the quality of work he’d do. Even when he took on roles in mainstream entertainment movies, like that of the shallow boyfriend in ‘Queen’ or Vidrohi in ‘Bareily Ki Barfi’, it were roles that had meat enough to deliver a nuanced performance. 

How Rajkummar Rao Carved A Niche For Himself In Bollywood© Junglee Pictures

‘Newton’, the film Rajkummar Rao carried solely on his shoulders, besides the brilliant sketch by Amit V. Masurkar, was selected as India’s official entry to the Oscars. Though it did not win an Academy Award, it sent out a clear message that Rajkummar Rao had arrived. Rao has established his name with the likes of Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the industry, a feat that’s even more commendable at his age. 

The characters he has played have been diverse, just like a cross-section of the urban Indian population. He has been the government official desperately trying to do his job (Newton), he has been the small town simpleton easily bullied by the more street smart local boys and in the same movie he has played the over-smart opportunist who beats the hero at his own game. Every character finds a real and tangible reflection in reality. There’s something for everyone.  

It’s easy to relate to him, but it is also easy to dissociate with him when the character is too dark for our middle class sensibilities, just like we detach ourselves from the petty criminal killed in an encounter we read about in the newspaper. 

How Rajkummar Rao Carved A Niche For Himself In Bollywood© Swiss Entertainment

The trailer of Rajkummar Rao-starrer ‘Omerta’ has done well to tell us this could be another masterpiece by the actor. Rao said the role was easily the most difficult roles of his career. Considering he has aced roles like that of the lawyer-activist Shahid or the uptight government official in ‘Newton’, audiences will expect nothing less than brilliant from him. 

And once again, he will not disappoint.

Feb 262018

The last time I sat in awe looking at Sridevi was in a movie theatre that was playing ‘English Vinglish’. Strutting around the streets of New York in her crisp cotton sarees, she made all of us cry with her emotional speech at the end of the movie. I couldn’t believe she was the same Sridevi who had made us laugh our hearts out with her Charlie Chaplin act, two decades ago when I had first seen ‘Mr India’ as a young child. She was also the same Sridevi who had raised temperatures as she danced to ‘Kaate Nahi Kat Te’ in her blue chiffon saree in the same film.

That was it. Sridevi could be anything. She could be a diva one moment, she could be a goofy entertainer the next. 

Remembering The Original Ms Hawa Hawaii Of Bollywood© Yash Raj Films

Remembering The Original Ms Hawa Hawaii Of Bollywood© Narsimha Enterprises

Her solid-coloured chiffon sarees found much favour in mainstream cinema, and we saw the likes of Raveena Tandon and Madhuri Dixit setting the screen on fire in numbers like ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ and ‘Dhak Dhak’ respectively. Much of our childhood awakening about the art of seduction happened through these chiffon sarees. 

Remembering The Original Ms Hawa Hawaii Of Bollywood© Narsimha Enterprises

With over 300 films to her credit, Sridevi had built a legacy – she was the country’s first female superstar. She was the female lead who could act, dance, make people laugh and fall in love at the same time. No one else could pack in as much talent and versatility as Sridevi did. From her energetic “Mere hathon mein nau nau choodiya hain” to the seductive “Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta”, Sridevi was an effortless entertainer and charmer. She was the one who lit the screen. 

Remembering The Original Ms Hawa Hawaii Of Bollywood© Narsimha Enterprises

While her quietly brilliant performance in ‘Sadma’ won her critical acclaim and placed her alongside the likes of serious actors like Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil, her comic timing in movies like ‘Chaalbaaz’ and ‘Mr India’ made her a people’s favourite. 

Remembering The Original Ms Hawa Hawaii Of Bollywood© Lakshmi Productions

Here was an actress who was not afraid to look silly onscreen, who could contort her face into a hundred comical expressions, who was a refreshing respite from the conventional actress typecast either as a seductress or as a virgin mary. She was Miss Hawa Hawai, she was the unapologetically chirpy sassy female character – the bumbling reporter who managed to stand out in a movie that had a hero who could make himself invisible and a villain who was etched straight out of your craziest nightmare. 

Remembering The Original Ms Hawa Hawaii Of Bollywood© Filmfare

And yet, Sridevi managed to make her presence felt and the song ‘Hawa Hawai’ was immortalised as one of the most iconic moments of the eighties. In striking contrast to this had been her portrayal of a human snake in ‘Nagina’, fighting against the fearsome sapera, played by another class actor Amrish Puri. Her directors remembered her as a humble and diligent actor, one who after a day’s shoot enquired if she could leave for home.

From A Chiffon-Clad Diva To A Goofy Hawa Hawai, Sridevi Was An Entertainer Like No Other© Narsimha Enterprises

In her films, Sridevi stood her own. In a male-dominated industry, she could overshadow even her male co-stars and was often paid as much as them. She left us too soon, and as the industry tries to grapple with the loss, we think Ms Hawa Hawai will forever remain the “Khwabon ki shehzadi” who ruled the hearts of her fans. Bollywood has lost its chandni.

Feb 232018

Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee with Karan’ is where Bollywood officially roasts its coffee. Everybody who is somebody in the industry has been on the show. You haven’t arrived if you haven’t been invited on the show. While we love the sassy stars one upping each other and spilling the beans, much to KJo’s delight, our favourite episodes are the ones in which he gets roasted by his guests. From dear friend SRK to the very-new-to-Bollywood Mira Rajput, his guests have whipped up some real gems on the show. Here are 9 times Bollywood stars roasted KJo on his own show and served us some piping hot coffee. 

1. Trust the award-shows-boycotter Aamir Khan to call a spade a spade! 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

2. He IS! 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

3. Twinkle Khanna roasted the beans so bad they got burnt. 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

4.  An Indian film we wish we hadn’t seen. 5 times. 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

5. Err…Imran, you’re not Aamir Khan though…

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

6. Probably the only guest KJo regretted calling! 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

7. The word nepotism is not leaving him anytime soon. 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

8. Wake up and smell the coffee, Karan 

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

9. Aaand this:

When Karan Johar Got Roasted On His Own Show© Hotstar

*Mic drop*

Jan 292018

When in an interview for Film Companion, Anupama Chopra tells Ranveer Singh he comes across as essentially the same person he was 5 years ago when she had interviewed him after his first film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat”, Ranveer lets out a coy smile, widely unlike the shrewd Khilji he just wrapped up playing. Eight years in the industry, half a dozen hits, multiple awards, a crazy fan following, and whirlwind romance with the doe-eyed woman of Bollywood – Ranveer Singh has had a fairytale start to a shining career and the first words that come out of his mouth are “I have been blessed.”

He tears up just a little when he says, “I never lose sight of that one big thing that happened to me…the only thing I ever wanted to do, wanted to be, was a ‘Hindi film hero’ and here I’m doing it…it’s the greatest gift ever, and I am thankful for that every day.”

Ranveer Singh: Chasing The Bollywood Dream, One Khilji At A Time © Facebook/Ranveer Singh Official

In that moment of raw emotion, which is not actually rare when it comes to Ranveer, you can see it’s the same simple-minded Bittoo Sharma from ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ telling Shruti Kakkar he is just happy to be with her, no matter what the circumstance. He is flawed, he is human, he is wavering, but he is real and he is middle class as hell. He is grounded enough to see his flaws and he is honest enough to admit them.

He may have played to perfection the savage khilji with a mad obsession for every ‘nayab cheez’ but he’s still the humble Bittoo Sharma of ‘Band Baaja…’ who’s just thankful his dream of becoming an actor has come true.

Ranveer Singh: Chasing The Bollywood Dream, One Khilji At A Time© Yash Raj Films

The actor has the nation eating out of his hands over his explosive portrayal of Alauddin Khilji in Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’ and yet he lacks the airs of a star who is at the peak of his career and has just delivered one of the many incredible performances of his career. When the interviewer hints about bringing the interview to a close, because his PR has probably given a 20-minute limit, Ranveer responds with a child-like frankness: “But why are you letting me go?” He tells Anupama he doesn’t want to go; this is the first time he is speaking about the movie and he would very much like to go on. That’s Ranveer Singh for you, redefining what being a Bollywood star means.

Ranveer Singh: Chasing The Bollywood Dream, One Khilji At A Time © BCCL

That capacity to be completely candid and devoid of a starry ego is what makes Ranveer win. He doesn’t try to create a personality that will match his success – that is probably the reason he can carry even the most outrageous of clothes without an iota of sartorial prudence; that is also the reason he can get into a character without bringing the obsessive need to let his personality shine. They say the true mark of a great actor is the capacity to completely annihilate the self, to be able to become the character they play.

Therein comes the proud Peshwa from ‘Bajirao Mastani’, the quiet rogue from ‘Lootera’, even the smooth Ricky Behl, the adorable middle-class Bittoo Sharma from ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, and eventually, the menacing Khilji from ‘Padmaavat’.

Ranveer Singh: Chasing The Bollywood Dream, One Khilji At A Time© Balaji Motion Pictures

Whether you’ve watched Padmaavat or are still waiting for Karni Sena’s Khilji-esque anger to fade away, you know one thing – that Ranveer Singh is the best thing about the film. There is as much of Khilji in Ranveer as there is Ranveer in Bhansali’s Khilji. Talking to Anupama Chopra about how he prepared himself to play the menacing sultan onscreen, Ranveer said he had to channelise his inner demons. The demons that have the potential to come out and the demons that he had already allowed at some point in his life. In an industry where actors don’t even talk about their exes, Ranveer is scandalously honest.

Ranveer Singh: Chasing The Bollywood Dream, One Khilji At A Time © Bhansali Productions

He is sassy, he is smooth, he is goofy and he doesn’t care. Because he is too busy living his dream. He is too busy creating the characters he plays that he cannot dwell more on the star that he is. That is when hits and misses stop hitting you like they usually do. Like many of us, he is the starry-eyed boy who grew up on Hindi films and imagined himself somewhere on the larger-than-life silver screen. The screen where stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan and Dev Anand created iconic memories, the screen where Shah Rukh Khan’s Raj serenaded Kajol as Simran in the icy slopes of Switzerland. Ranveer is living a childhood fantasy that is part of our growing up experience and is so universal in appeal that most of us probably have, at least, once imagined ourselves living it. 

Ranveer Singh: Chasing The Bollywood Dream, One Khilji At A Time © BCCL

Like he says, “There is no great a gift to be able to go to a film set and perform in the capacity of an actor.” What might seem to be a clichéd statement is anything but that in Ranveer’s case. It is not, because the evidence is right there in his characters. When you witness his raw energy onscreen, even in the films that have been written off, you sense the passion that comes from absolutely loving what you do.

The process really is his prize, and Ranveer Singh is busy chasing the Bollywood dream, one Khilji at a time. 

Dec 122017

Reaching home after braving evening traffic, made worse by a sudden drizzle in Delhi, I slumped on my sofa thinking of what to get for dinner. As I absent-mindedly scrolled through my Twitter feed, my jaw dropped. Virat and Anushka had gotten married. In Tuscany, Italy – the most romantic place in the most romantic country. It took a minute to sink in as I forgot about my plebeian dinner concerns. After all the speculations and the public romance, chances were ripe. But that it would actually happen and so soon was something none of us would have imagined. 

Why India Is Obsessing Over Virat Anuskha's Dream Wedding© Twitter

At 29, India’s cricketing sensation and one of Bollywood’s most successful leading ladies got hitched in the most picture perfect setting. Resplendent in their bright floral wedding attires, Virat and Anushka cut a picture straight from our best Bollywood fantasies. While we have grown up on larger-than-life Bollywood romances, we have also grown up to believe they are almost never true. In a world where innocent love rarely culminates in a lifelong association/marriage, where relationships start off as rumours in the media, this was a breath of fresh air. The innocent charm of love hadn’t been lost yet. 

Why India Is Obsessing Over Virat Anushka's Dream Wedding© Instagram_ViratKohli

As I hungrily scrolled for more pictures of the wedding, I realised I did not have to work too hard to find them – it was all over everyone’s feeds. Media publications competed to break the story, Twitter pundits raced ahead of each other to crack the best wisecracks using the perfect hashtags and fans devoured even the tiniest of details, going on a retweeting spree. In our dull middle class existence, this was the highlight of the day. But what was it about Virat and Anushka that has caught the fancy of the masses? Even the internet troll, who thrives by pulling down the most innocuous of things on social media, was gushing over how cute they looked.

The absence of negativity has been a refreshing change in internet behaviour and makes Virushka an absolute public favourite. For a public that is so vile and unforgiving towards celebrities, this is a rarity. Both Virat and Anushka come from regular middle class families, with no association to the industry they are in. They weren’t born with the silver spoon but they are eating in silver plates now – both of them are self-made individuals with humble backgrounds. And that’s exactly the apsirational dream the middle class looks at as a tangible reality.  

Why India Is Obsessing Over Virat Anushka's Dream Wedding© BCCL

Virat was the quintessential bad boy of Indian cricket. With the right kind of aggression on the field, he powered India through many wins and gave us the kind of confidence we never had under the older more gentlemanly team. How the beloved bad boy became the dream lover madly in love with the woman of his dreams is the kind of story we only see on the silver screen or in romance novels. They found love and they didn’t let the high demands of the glamour and success world ruin it for them. It was a match. 

Why India Is Obsessing Over Virat Anushka's Dream Wedding© Manyavar

When Anushka was blamed for Virat’s poor performance on the field and received backlash from fans, the bad boy of Indian cricket came out defending his ladylove. Holding hands at airports, he steered her through the tough time. In an interview with The Mint, he spoke about how Anushka had taught him how to be a compassionate person. “I have always been fond of animals, but I never had the compassion and love that I feel now, and that’s mainly because of Anushka. She has changed the way I see these things, and the way I think about animals; now I’ve genuinely started feeling this deep love for them,” he said.

He did not hesitate to admit how she had sensitised him to women’s issues and feminism as well. “People are very chauvinistic in this country,” he says. “I certainly wasn’t aware of that growing up, to be honest. But I have started to see myself as a feminist,” he had said. 

Why India Is Obsessing Over Virat Anushka's Dream Wedding© BCCL

Virat comes from a regular middle class family in Delhi and rose to the status of a cricket star solely on the basis of hard work and talent. Anushka’s story is not very different. An army kid raised in the city of Bangalore, she started with modelling and later moved on to films, eventually becoming one of the most highly paid actresses of Bollywood. When the two of them came together, it was the perfect middle class dream. It’s the possibility of dreams coming true in the best way possible that has overwhelmed us as a nation. We thrive on the hope of life getting better, either ours or someone else’s.

In their fairytale wedding, the middle class has lived a fantasy by proxy. 

Sep 272017

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are the coolest couple in ‘Game of Thrones’. The sombre Wolf in the North falling for the carefree Wilding girl was a story made in romance heaven. They seemed to complement each other perfectly. 

While we were busy shipping Jon Snow and Daenerys, Kit Harington was not so secretly in love with his Wildling girlfriend in the show. And frankly, we love this pair better than Jon and Dany.

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© HBO

Rose and Kit announced their engagement in a rather traditional and simple way when they put a notice in the ‘The Times’ newspaper. 

“The engagement is announced between Kit, the younger son of David and Deborah Harington of Worcestershire, and Rose, middle daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire.”

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© AP

The two had met for the first time on the sets of ‘Game Of Thrones’ in 2012, and hit it off like a house on fire. It is rumoured they started dating soon after, even though they maintained they were ‘nothing but friends’.  

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© Instagram_Kit Harington

It was only last year that they made their first appearance as a couple when they attended the Olivier Awards as a couple. The cat was out of the bag. Kit Harington, in an interview with  L’Uomo Vogue, said it was easy to fall in love with Leslie. The King in the North was smitten with the carefree Wildling. 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© Instagram_Kit Harrington

Harington confessed in the Vogue interview that his best memory of the show was the three weeks in Ireland in the second season because “the country is beautiful, because the Northern Lights are magical, and because it was there that I fell in love.” A fairytale love story was blooming in the dark world of ‘Game of Thrones’. 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© Twitter_RLeslieSource

In January this year, they moved in together into their £1.75million mansion in East Anglia. But they were still protective of their privacy. Harington told Esquire, “It’s as much her relationship as it is mine and I can’t speak for both of us. But yeah, we are very, very happy. So that’s what I’ll say about that.” 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged

Kit’s friends have said that he always knew he wanted to marry Rose but he wanted to settle down first. While Kit is still alive in ‘Game of Thrones’ and will be seen in the next and final season, he is also starring in the BBC drama ‘Gunpowder. Rose, meanwhile, is seen in the legal-political drama ‘The Good Fight’. 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged© E!Online

One of the cutest celebrity couples right now, they spell out relationship goals for the millennial – real, unpretentious and crazy in love. 

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) y Rose Leslie (Ygritte), ayer.

Love is in the air

— Juego de Tronos™ (@JuegoDeTronosTM) March 28, 2016

We all remember the time when Kit sang for Rose and gave everyone the perfect relationship goals:

The king in the North and our favourite Wildling have our heartiest congratulations and we hope it’s a grand Game-of-Thrones-styled wedding! 

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Engaged

Sep 202017

What if humans could actually be shrunk down to the size of ants? Our increasingly crowded planet would be so much more for us then. Nothing could be a better solution to the problem of space and resources. ‘Downsizing’ is a science fiction comedy-drama and the trailer will leave you feeling irrationally happy about the future! 

‘Downsizing' Shrinks Humans To Save The Earth And The Trailer Looks Spectacular © Paramount Pictures

Starring Matt Damon and directed by Alexander Payne, ‘Downsizing’ is a possible attempt at saving the earth by shrinking its inhabitants. Of course, it has its challenges. The shrinking process is irreversible; you cannot go back to the normal human size.

‘Downsizing' Shrinks Humans To Save The Earth And The Trailer Looks Spectacular © Paramount Pictures

Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig play a couple toying with the idea of taking the plunge and lessening the burden of the planet. There are the perks, of course – the miniature world has resources in plenty. You live life king-size. 

‘Downsizing' Shrinks Humans To Save The Earth And The Trailer Looks Spectacular © Paramount Pictures

There are a lot of questions that are cropping up though: how will the downsized humans contribute to the society? There is still a huge chunk of population at its normal size. The only service the little humans could provide to the world (until they have shrunk the whole world) is intellectual and digital. Doctors, scientists, accountants, writers, policy makers – only those whose work is not dependent on physical size can probably be converted without becoming a liability. Or like in all science fiction movies with a Noah’s Ark solution – pay a fortune to go to the other side.

Would you choose to be downsized to 5 inches to live a life with unlimited resources? Tell us in the comments section below.