Oct 252017

What was once a personal residence and ‘home sweet home’ of Sarah Winchester in California’s San Jose, is now amongst the most haunted places in the world, and the reason will creep your senses out! While one builds a house for themselves or their family, Sarah was constructing an asylum for hundreds of vindictive ghosts. She got people to work on an insane schedule of 24-hours a day, seven-days a week for decades and built a seven-storey tall, monstrous, mansion with hundreds of rooms, to appease the spirits. The horror of living with ghosts is now being recreated on-screen and the trailer is already out with the iconic Helen Mirren playing Sarah Winchester.

Check Out The Scary Trailer Of 'Winchester' Starring Helen Mirren© Lionsgate

This Gothic mansion exists in reality and is infamous for being the world’s most haunted house and the trailer of ‘Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built’ does complete justice in portraying the same. Helmed by the Spierig brothers, this movie revolves around the Winchester firearms heiress and widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, Sarah Winchester.

After the sudden death of her husband and child, she believes that she is cursed and begins building a mansion with hundreds of rooms in it. But here’s the catch. She is not building a house; she is constructing an asylum or prison for ghosts, one of whom has an old score to settle with the Winchesters.       

In fact, if the real stories are to be believed, Sarah didn’t hire an architect, but built the house in a haphazard manner with stairs and doors leading to nowhere and windows overlooking other rooms; owing to her belief in ghosts. Apparently, the spirits directly ‘inspired’ her to design the mansion with number 13 and spider-web motifs looming heavily on the interiors; such as a chandelier with 13 candle holders, drain covers on the sinks with 13 holes, and a large bell which rung 13 times at 1300 hours on every Friday the 13th.   

 It will be interesting to see how the Spierig brothers who are famed for movies like ‘Jigsaw’, ‘Predestination’ and ‘Daybreakers’; work their magic around this supernatural horror film. While the movie had us at Helen Mirren, names like Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook and Angus Sampson; hit that last nail on our binge list. The movie is slated to release on February 2, 2018.  

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