Oct 122017

With some of the most incredible releases of 2017 like ‘It’, ‘Annabelle: Creation’ and ‘The Evil Within’, Hollywood seems to have finally found its success mantra in the horror genre. Such is the effect that now almost every director wants to take a detour to the imaginary land of the demented, messed up, gruesome and vile murderers and spirits. 

The latest edition to join this journey is director Mickey Keating, who is all set to creep our senses out with his upcoming horror movie ‘Psychopaths’. And the recently released trailer gives us a low-key glimpse of how messed up the movie is going to be.  

Psychopaths trailer© Glass Eye Pix

What happens when multiple serial killers cross paths over one single night? Mere blood and gore doesn’t cut it as what actually ensues is way worse and bloodcurdling than one can imagine. The movie revolves around a serial killer, whose soul descends back to Earth and possesses his followers under the full moon. Ashley Bell who was earlier seen in ‘Carnage Park’ plays Alice, an escaped mental patient who believes that she is living in the glamorous times of the 1950s. 

The other serial killers are Blondie, a seductress who lures men down into her suburban basement; the Midnight Strangler and a masked contract killer. Who survives this bloodbath and how long the night is going to be, weaves the rest of the plot. 


Other stars include James Landry Hébert, Mark Kassen, Angela Trimbur, Larry Fessenden, Jeremy Gardner, Ivana Shein, Helen Rogers, and Sam Zimmerman. This movie brings some of the most amazing brains under one roof and it will be interesting to see whether they manage to live up to the hype that ‘It’ and ‘Annabelle: Creation’ have created for the horror genre. Along with Keating, Jenn Wexler, William Day Frank, Cam McLellan, and Al Lewison; will also produce this film. ‘Psychopaths’ is slated to release in the US on December 1.

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