Oct 102017

When we search for a movie to watch, besides looking at the trailer, we always insist on checking the rating of the movie. We are guessing you do the same, right? Now, we have a little something that should perk your inner movie buff. The blood soaked corporate satire, ‘Mayhem’, has earned a full 100% rating on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’. The set up is a law firm which has been plagued with a virus and people are now quarantined. It turns into a battle for survival as people have to kill each other in order to live.

Mayhem Has A 100% Rotten Tomatoes Rating© Circle Of Confusion

Joe Lynch is a pretty famous indie filmmaker who reprises his smart storytelling again with this one. Steven Yuen of ‘The Walking Dead’ fame plays one of the lead characters, who, when the situation strikes, uses the opportunity to smash all the people he hates in that firm. He teams up with a client (Samara Weaving), who is harbouring her own grudges, and together they decide to seek the ultimate revenge and settle their score. It’s basically a fully blown showdown of catharsis.  

‘Mayhem’ is already winning accolades for showcasing such gruesome cluster of emotions in such a way. Matias Caruso seems to have done a good job while writing this horror/action adventure. It seems like onscreen killing would come naturally to Steven, from fighting zombies in ‘Walking Dead’ to killing off bosses in this one. Many people are calling it the ultimate corporate satire as well.

Mayhem Has A 100% Rotten Tomatoes Rating© circle of confusion

The movie also stars Steven Brand, Caroline Chikezie, Dallas Roberts, Mark Frost, and Andre Erikson. We have mostly been accustomed to watching people being killed in action or zombie movies, this genre remains unexplored and if you have some pent up frustration in your heart and boiling away in your veins, then maybe this is your moment for ‘catharsis’.

While we hope the movie is as kick-ass as the trailer makes it look like, ‘Mayhem’ will clearly depict the corporate culture like no other movie has ever done. The movie releases today in the West, and at present there is no idea about the release date for Indian theatres.

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