Oct 302017

The purpose of a movie is not merely to entertain its audience. Sure, everyone loves a good adrenaline rush with a great action flick, we all like jiving to Bollywood masala movies, thrillers make for a great watch, but do you realise that movies are also a powerful tool to throw light on something is crying for attention? ‘Kadvi Hawa’ is one such movie that needs your dire attention.

kadvi hawa trailer© Dhrishyam Films

Starring Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey in lead roles, the movie talks about the bitter truth of climate change that is more than just being a ‘first world problem’. It’s the consequence of man’s insatiable needs and desires for which our environment has been bearing the cost.

The movie follows the tale of the villagers of Bundelkhand who are struggling with trivial environmental hazards including the absence of drinking water. While one side has no water, the other side is facing rising water level of the sea. The kids in the village think of monsoon as something that happened ‘once upon a time’. The trailer is downright alarming!

Directed by Nil Madhab Panda, this brilliantly made movie even got a special mention at the 64th National Awards. As the name of the movie suggests, ‘Kadvi Hawa’ is a bitter reflection of the reality and fate that awaits us. Climate change is a serious situation that is questioning the deafening silence of the people who still live in ignorance. Mishra’s monologue is a powerful speech that will make you open your eyes and your mind and actually think.





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