Jan 312018

It’s only the first month into 2018 but people have already found the ‘scariest movie of the year’. The trailer of ‘Hereditary’ is out now and it sure looks spooky as hell.

It stars Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne and the story revolves around a family which is trying hard to deal with grief. The family has clearly inherited some dark and deep secrets from their ancestors and that is what the characters keep discovering. 

'Hereditary' Is Being Called The Scariest Movie Of The Year© palm star media

The movie opened at the Sundance festival which has proved lucky for many horror movies in the past, including last year’s massive hit, ‘Get Out’.  The writer and director Ari Aster tries to spin the classic haunted house tale in a modern day setting. When Ellen passes away, her daughter’s family begins to discover cryptic secrets related to their ancestry. The movie is scheduled to release in June in the US and it looks pretty exciting. 

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