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Thanks to the release of movies like ‘IT’, ‘Get Out’, ‘Annabelle: Creation’, ‘Gerald’s Game’ and more, 2017 was an unmatched visual treat for all the horror genre lovers. These movies and the directors behind them messed with our brains like no one else and instilled fear in our minds with their thrilling, trippy and unimaginably weird storyline.

And looks like 2018 won’t be any different either. In fact, it will be weirder, bizarre and more frightening than the previous year(s) because the directors are now leaving no stone unturned while toying with the horror genre. If you think that ‘Insidious’ is going to be the scariest movie this year, you are clearly missing out on the best or should we say the most chilling and bloodcurdling experience ever.

hereditary 2018 movieA24

Horror is hands down one of the trickiest genres to play with. Unlike other genres, horror movies benefit from the collective fear it infuses in the audience and in all honesty, no horror film can ever be considered a great one if it fails to make people jump from their seats, scream in fear or shudder for at least a few hours after the movie is finished. And Ari Aster’s directorial debut ‘Hereditary’ hints at doing the exact same thing.

After it premiered recently at the Sundance Film Festival (yes, the one that Priyanka Chopra has been constantly posting about), film experts and audience present inside the theatre have unanimously called ‘Hereditary’ as the ‘scariest horror movie in years’. Ari Aster’s directorial debut has earned the reputation of being an exceptionally scary horror movie and, given this hype, we honestly can’t wait to watch this now.  

Well, coming from A24, the production house that has earlier given us movies like ‘Green Room’, ‘The Witch’ and ‘Lady Bird’; it doesn’t come as a surprise that this movie is being praised so much.

hereditary 2018 movieA24

‘Hereditary’ revolves around the lives of a family and a mysterious legacy they find themselves entwined in, after the family’s matriarch passes away. Toni Collette plays Annie graham who’s is in a state of shock after her mother Ellen’s death. After the family moves into Ellen’s house, strange and eerie things start happening to the family and they begin to unravel cryptic and terrifyingly dark secrets about their ancestry. Hence, the tagline – ‘Every family tree hides a secret’.

Aster has done a great job in giving nightmares to people with its unnerving and unsettling plot, but this slowly gripping tension, unexpected jump scares and scenes that will take more than prayers to sink in and get over, is what is making people love and fear this movie.  

The movie is expected to release on June 8, 2018 and also stars Gabriel Byrne and Ann Dowd. So folks, it’s time to gear up for another crazy movie night with your bros. Dare them to watch ‘Hereditary’ with you once it releases.

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