Jul 302017

Whenever we talk about the chocolate boys of Bollywood, Ali Zafar is one name that makes it to the list of every movie buff. His boyish charm, innocent and baby face makes us drool every single time he comes in the frame. His crazy fan following is no joke and the fact that he is an amazing singer, makes women go weak in their knees. He doesn’t even need to sing ‘Palat Meri Jaan’ for us, since we already have our eyes glued on him.  

All set for #humstyleawards

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While we were busy humming and dancing on his tunes, Zafar was busy working out and these pictures are giving us some serious fitness goals. From a cute boy-next-door to a handsome hunk who is raising the temperature with his body, Zafar is looking killer AF and we won’t be surprised if his fan following now multiplies manifold. His fitness regime and gym pictures are making us jealous and motivated at the same time. Here’s how he looks now.  

The Sunday Gym. #teefaintrouble #TNT

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He is one actor who knows how to respect women and doesn’t hold himself back from appreciating the girl power.  

Women can give us strength that we can’t. With my trainer Tania when in Lahore. Go girl!

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If you haven’t noticed already, in the previous picture he was holding an 8 kg dumbbell in one hand and 10kg weight in the other and the internet isn’t a place where things go unnoticed easily. As expected, people were quick to notice this and started questioning him. Well, we don’t know about other celebs, but Zafar wasn’t someone to leave any room for confusion. So, he actually went ahead and gave an explanation for why he was using two different dumbbells and has won our hearts again.

The mystery to the 8 & 10 dumbbells? 🙂 Fractured my left wrist and elbow a few months back pushing me back to a point where I couldn’t even lift 2 kgs after my basic recovery. It was a long struggle to get to here with the support of my trainers. This technique is to balance the strength and size of the left arm with a slightly heavier weight. Gym buffs would know. So about time everybody hits the gym and live it up 😉

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If looks could kill, Ali Zafar will be the prime suspect in each case. And that caption just won our hearts.

This is generally called Baady shot. Is pe ya to rishte aate hain ya toot jaate hain.

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#ISHQ. Coming soon. #LSA2017

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