Sep 052017

On days when Akshay Kumar is not busy smashing box office records with his exceptional movies, the actor is occupied with providing financial help to the families of martyred soldiers. His love for the Indian Armed Forces isn’t unknown and the fact that Akshay always stands next to the families of jawans, even in times of distress is something we truly love and respect him for. Earlier this year, he suggested the launch of the app and website called ‘Bharat Ke Veer’, which was acknowledged and brought about a positive change almost instantly. He has earlier donated crores to the families and even urged his fans to contribute financially to the cause. 

Akshay Kumar Raises 6.5 Crores For Soldiers Within Minutes© BCCL

This time around, Akshay helped raise Rs. 6.5 crores at the event for the families of the martyred soldiers. At a conference called, India Rising, the actor made an impromptu speech where he informed the businessmen about this website, a platform where anyone can make the donations. His sincere appeal reached the right ears, which got the CEO and corporate honchos to raise Rs. 6.5 crores for the families of martyred soldiers. Akshay reportedly said, “I just felt like talking about the bharatkeveer initiative because the entire audience comprised high profiled individuals with influence and resources. If they won’t come forward for the cause of our armed forces, who will?”    

Akshay Kumar Raises 6.5 Crores For Soldiers Within Minutes© Twitter/Akshay Kumar

The actor first spoke about the 112 slain soldiers, whose details are mentioned on the website and stay there till the time the amount of donation to their family does not reach 15 lakh rupees. The 49-year-old further added, “These martyrs belong to various states of India. I said if each corporate or CEO pledged to adopt martyrs of at least one state, we could raise enough funds to remove as many soldiers’ details from the site as possible. I started with volunteering to donate for all martyrs from Maharashtra.” Well, when someone is so passionate about a noble cause, how can one not be moved by it? The actor who was overwhelmed by such a great response said that they raised this huge amount within minutes.

In fact, apart from providing financial aid to the families of martyred, he is also someone who actively works towards creating awareness about social issues, things which have been pulling our society down for the longest time now. His latest release ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ and its success is proof of his hard work and efforts. 

Source: Hindustan Times 

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