Jan 172018

When he appeared in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, a dreamy looking young Salman Khan melted everyone with his innocent looking face and charming smile. It’s one of those films that still brings a smile to your lips every time you watch it. What if we could get to see Salman’s old avatar once again? Wouldn’t that be a treat for all his fans?

Salman Khan’s next film ‘Bharat’ will give you a glimpse of the actor’s journey from the age of 18-70. This project of his has been in the news for a very long time and finally the actor will soon start shooting for it as well.

The film will be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Atul Agnihotri. If reports are to be believed, the makers have decided to use prosthetics to make him look like a young lad. 

Age Reducing Technique & Prosthetics To Be Used For Salman Khan's Young Look In 'Bharat' © Rajshri Films

Talking to the media Ali said, “We have just locked the script. The idea is to make Salman look the way he appeared in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ — from the time he began his career to now. But we will know how much we can achieve only after our complete research is done.”

To get the best result and look, the makers are already in talks with the VFX team of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. It is the same team that even worked with Shah Rukh Khan for his film ‘Fan’. 

According to reports, the team is planning to use an age reduction technique to achieve the younger look. 

Age Reducing Technique & Prosthetics To Be Used For Salman Khan's Young Look In 'Bharat'

Talking about it, Ali also mentioned, “I know Salman doesn’t like a lot of prosthetics and make-up, so we will have to design something that doesn’t bother him too much because he’s the central character. We are figuring out other ways of doing it. Benjamin Button came a decade ago and during this time, a lot has happened with respect to technology. Many things can be done with VFX. So, we might not need too much prosthetics or make-up.”

All the elements for ‘Bharat’ are being designed keeping Salman’s need in mind as he has mentioned that such things lead to his nerve disorder (trigeminal neuralgia). 

Ali also believes that even this time, Salman will surprise his fans with this new avatar. In fact, Salman might also lose weight for this film. At present, the team is busy with the groundwork. The concept already sounds pretty interesting and we are sure that the Sultan’s fans are already looking forward to this one.  

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