Mar 012018

Chris Hemsworth as ‘Thor’ literally made us fall in love with the God of Thunder. And now the actor is in talks to star in the ‘Men in Black’ spinoff. Well, we bet there is literally no one who didn’t enjoy Agent J and Agent K’s hilarious camaraderie and the chance of seeing a similar bond onscreen again after such a long time, is too good to be true.

The actor is in talks with the studio and if everything goes as planned, we will see director F Gary Gray helming this project.

Chris Hemsworth To Clad A Suit For Men In Black Spinoff© SonyPictures

As per media reports, the script is already in place by American screenwriting duo Matt Holloway and Art Marcum best known for writing the script of ‘Iron Man’.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’s on-point comic timing have entertained us in all the three installments, however, the sad news is that the iconic duo will not be seen in this movie. Which means this is a new franchise and we will be seeing new faces.

Chris Hemsworth To Clad A Suit For Men In Black Spinoff© Giphy

Originally, Sony Studios wanted to combine both ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘Men in Black’ franchises but later decided against it.  And now if everything goes well, we will soon be seeing Chris donning a black suit and saving the world.

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