Jul 202017

Presenting Gisele Bundchen/Brady—Brazil’s most famous export, leggy vixen, and Ms. Tom Brady, who is still the world’s hottest and most successful supermodel. Not to mention, still the most desired. And, if you’re living under a rock with no Wi-Fi and don’t believe the aforementioned statement—here are 10 mouth-watering images to ponder over…

Like this iconic image of Gisele Bundchen—wrapped in nothing but clear plastic—for the iconic (and now defunct) The Face magazine!

Gisele FACE magazine

Gisele—who is a mother of two—is a strong follower of yoga and living life clean. Here’s her showcasing her skills…

Gisele mensxp image 2

Also, a shiny and glossy Ms. Bundchen sun-bathing in some remote beach…


Gisele mensxp image 3

Quick question: Are you looking at the rainbow at the back?

Gisele mensxp image 5

A black-and-white Gisele Bundchen playing with sand!

Gisele mensxp image 6

Gisele and her tan lines…

Gisele mensxp image 7

A very, very oily Gisele

Gisele mensxp image 8

And, Gisele in bed in nothing but a cashmere crop top…

Gisele mensxp image 9

Finally, Gisele being Gisele!

Gisele mensxp image 9

BRB, Going to submerge me in an ice-bath!

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