Jul 232017

Doesn’t matter you are a diehard series fan or not, we bet you have heard of ‘Sherlock’. If not, then you are living under a rock man! From dominating Emmy Awards in 2014 to making it this popular around the globe, ‘Sherlock’ is one of the best TV series and many would agree with me.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are mind-blowing fantastic and don’t even get me started on their bromance that makes you adore these two even more. But still, there are many who are cynical about this show and fail to understand why is it so well-liked by the viewers. Believe it or not, being so skeptical can be dangerous for you, keeping in mind how crazy people are for this show.

Understanding that many of you still fail to get the aforesaid points, here are few things you might want to think twice before you utter it in front of a ‘Sherlock’ fan.

Just 3 episodes per season? That’s ridiculous!

Sherlock (c) Giphy

Ever heard of the expression quality over quantity? You know what else sounds ridiculous, you and your words. If you would have ever tried to watch even one episode of the show, you would understand why Sherlock doesn’t need lavish amounts of screen time. Just a few minutes into the show and you instantly end up loving it, but then you are used to watching Ekta Kapoor drama, so it’s obvious for you to say this.

I hate that British accent

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Bullshit, darling. You just don’t get it, isn’t it? But then have you ever heard of a thing called subtitles? They’re meant for people like you! Now you get it?

Sherlock’s deductive skills are just so unrealistic!

Sherlock(c) Giphy

Oh is that the thing? Have you ever heard of something extraordinary? If you so want realistic drama then just stop visiting TV series. Still, want to stick to your opinion? Then I disown you.

Martin Freeman is in Sherlock! I loved him in Bruce Almighty

Sherlock (c) Giphy

*Slow claps* You spotted Morgan in Sherlock? I am sure the makers missed that bit too. Besides their last name and the knack to express on-screen, the two actors have nothing in common. Now please get your facts straight, and then open your mouth.

All the skills in the world but no money!

Sherlock(c) Giphy

Well, you don’t have either of them. So please stop talking…..right this moment!

I can’t believe that Sherlock won so many Emmy awards. He just spoke very fast, not really acted

Sherlock(c) Giphy

You don’t like peace, do you? Only if your intellect was straight would you appreciate that awesomeness of Sherlock and the well-deserved recognition that it is finally getting. But then you have a low IQ, not your fault!

Byomkesh Bakshi is better than Sherlock

Sherlock(c) Giphy

What is it exactly that you don’t find appealing? His perfect cheekbones? His amazing one-liners? Is there anything you like except your douche face? Now, that’s the door!

Sherlock is simply a psycho

Sherlock (c) Giphy

If you don’t know the difference between a high functioning socio path and a psycho, God Bless you, child!

Feel, the need to watch Sherlock now and understand what is this craze all about? Then watch the Sherlock marathon airing in India from 24th July and experience the fever yourself. There are high chances you might become a fan yourself and if you still can’t get it…then it’s all about IQ, darling. 

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