May 052018

Love a good scare? Then great, this list is meant for you. If you don’t have a Saturday night plan like many of us sitting in bed and deciding between pizza or dal for dinner, then I suggest you browse through this and catch up for a good adrenaline scare in bed. Also, these are Youtube horror movies which are short and scary at the same time so don’t fuss over your wifi for downloading any of these:

1.  The Little Witch- This one is based on an Irish classic tale where a man tries to put his daughter to bed but ends up seeing something shocking.

2. Vicious-  Ever wondered what might happen if you came back home and your front door was open? This spooky movie follows a woman who tries to find what is lurking inside her house.

3. Alexia- Inspired by a horror Japanese tale, this short movie follows a man who is still alive in the memories of his girlfriend.

4. The Smiling Man- This one is based on a story titled ‘Let’s Not Meet’ and the story follows a man who is being followed himself.

5.  Hi- This is a ‘desi’ horror short flick which might intimidate you to no end.

6.  Alma- If you thought Pixar only did ‘feel good’ movies, this will change your perception.

7.  Mama- A horror movie that depicts a mom as the centre of a horror movie? Yes, please.


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