Dec 242017

You might be going on a date tomorrow, a Christmas brunch, sipping mulled wine with family or simply calling in sick for all celebrations and snuggling in with a tub of popcorn, pizza and your blanket. Whatever you do, watching a holiday ‘Christmasy’ movie for that Yuletide spirit is essential. We list out 7 such movies that you can binge watch , that are basically not ‘Home Alone'( because we will watch it anyway, duh!) :

1. Bad Santa- What happens when a conman and his partner in crime decide to be Santa? He makes for a bad Santa obviously!

2. Love Actually- It’s the season of joy and if you are watching a holiday movie with your family, then this could be a nice pick. So many love stories embedded in one beautiful screen play.

3. Elf – Will Ferrel raised as an elf is a good kick start to get you in the festive mood I’d say.

4. Polar Express- We all have wanted to catch this train every time we watched it. Why should this Christmas be any different?

5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Jim Carrey and hot chocolate in front of the screen? Yes please.

6. Frozen- This HAS to be on the list! If you couldn’t find anything else, trust Olaf to make you smile.

7.Jingle All The Way- Arnold sets some pretty good #dadgoals in the world of parent gifting standards with this one. Nag you dad to get you something right after this.

If nothing else works, bring on that ‘Home Alone’ DVD you have kept aside. Happy Christmas Folks! 

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