Oct 262017

If we consider films as a medium to escape from our real life woes, then fantasy is the perfect hideaway as it sweeps viewers away from their mundane lives into an imaginary world. Once there was time when this genre was considered to be loved only by nerds but over decades, an alternative fantasy world has become everyone’s favourite.

If you take a look at the history of cinema, then you will realise that the makers have given birth to some fantastic alternative realms and parallel universes, which we wish were a reality. The grandeur and the beauty of it is so magnificent, that it makes one want to jump into the screen and live in them!

Spanning across super power, animation, action and sorcery, here are 6 best fantasy realms that we can never get enough of:

1. Pandora- Avatar

Fantastic Alternative Movie Realms That We Totally Love© AVATAR

In 2009 James Cameron created a fictional universe with so much with such exquisite finesse, aesthete that it blew everyone away. This world was a place in which humans sought to mine unobtanium on the fictional exoplanetary moon, Pandora.

2. Asgard- Thor

Fantastic Alternative Movie Realms That We Totally Love© Thor

The beautiful world of Asgard where people age super slowly, drawn directly from Norse mythology is home to a powerful pantheon of gods, including Thor and Loki. It is a small, other-dimension, whose nature and physics are different from those of planetary bodies in the Earthly dimension. Asgard is a part of the so-called Nine Worlds, and planet of Gods. The world of Asgard was so loved by the viewers that now makers are all set to release their third instalment ‘Thor Ragnarok’ where all Marvel fans will see Thor and Loki with the mighty Hulk battling the evils.

3. Middle Earth- Lord Of The Rings

Fantastic Alternative Movie Realms That We Totally Love© Lords of the rings

From the picturesque Shire to the stunning, haunting and majestic Rohan and Gondor to the pretty Rivendell, Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle Earth has enraptured movie fans for decades. Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogies and ‘Hobbit’ franchises have garnered Oscars for the VFX and of course, you know why!

4. Hogwarts School and the Wizarding World of Witchcraft- Harry Potter

Fantastic Alternative Movie Realms That We Totally Love© Hogwart

JK Rowling’s magical world of Hogwarts became one of the most successful multi-billion dollar film franchise that was loved by all around the globe. From being one of the top fantasy books to becoming a commercially super-hit movie, ‘Harry Potter’ is an explanatory example of alternative fantasy world! The stunning school, complex yet lovable characters and traditional triumph of good versus evil, all make one want to settle down permanently and study in Hogwarts. If only one could!

5. Star Wars Galaxy

Fantastic Alternative Movie Realms That We Totally Love© Star Wars

This one needs no introduction thanks to the genius creator George Lucas. From giving us the most menacing villain of all time Darth Vader to epic wars throughout galactic history, this franchise is an experience in itself. And yet again the journey continues as ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ hits theatres this December. Don’t miss it as it’s the last one where you will get to see late Carrie Fisher.

6. Narnia

Fantastic Alternative Movie Realms That We Totally Love© Narnia

This fantasy world by C. S. Lewis took everyone by storm. Not only does it entertain you but also makes you want to be part of the world where most of the action of the Chronicles takes place. The universe of Narnia has everything in from talking animals to friendly dwarves.

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