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Her dream to rule the tinsel town, her carefree attitude and a visible desire to fulfill her every goal, makes Alia Bhatt not just another face in the film industry, but a person with whom every millennial can connect with.

playing dress up for life 🙌

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She started her career as a supercilious high school girl, clueless about real life and then when on to play a completely opposite character that made our head spin. She has been the girl-next-door, a girl who has been sexually abused, a drug addict, a person with an array of emotional issues, a headstrong girl who works with her own rules, and she has convincingly gotten into the skin of each of these roles. 

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She is that face in the industry that needs to introduction. She might have been launched by one of the biggest banners in the Hindi film industry but boy, has she made her way up the ladder purely with her skills. She might have landed her first film ‘Student of the Year’ without much struggle but with every film since then, she has only grown as an actor. She is one of those few star kids who is known more for their skills and talent rather than just belonging from an influential family.

Here are the five reasons that make Alia the instant choice for every millennial out there: 

1. Sheer Versatility At Such A Young Age 

It’s been a little more than five years now but she has become the millennials favorite already, and all the credit goes to the different types of roles she has picked along the way, which has only highlighted how versatile she is for someone so young. Be it her playing Veera Tripathi, Vaidehi Trivdei, Ananya Swaminathan or Kumari Pinky, she has slipped into each character with convincing ease.

2. She Invokes A Sense Of Relatability

She is 25 and has already has won several awards. She might be a star kid, a prodigy of Dharma Productions but she is also everything that a millennial is. From hanging out with her friends just like us, leaving her shoot in the middle to attend her best friend’s wedding, traveling with her loved ones to being publically vocal about her strong bond with her sibling. This makes her the ultimate millennial icon.

I wonder how, I wonder why 🎵

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3. She Is Experimental & Makes Every Role Work For Her 

Look at actors around you, most of them already have their genres fixed, but when it comes to Alia, she has always displayed an urge to experiment. She is someone who can be the airhead Shanaya but also an unabashed Veera! She understands the value of doing commercial films but also doesn’t fear to pick roles which lean towards artistic. She balances it all. While playing a snooty role might be easy, but bringing the character of a rural sexual abused drug addict to life and playing that feisty, unyielding role is not just physically but emotionally exhausting as well. But she has proved that she can step into any role with ease and doesn’t need a genre to rule the industry. 


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And now we will be seeing her in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully Boy’ and Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Raazi’ in two completely different roles that will impress us yet again.

Movies or in this case MY movies aren’t just something I do for a living.. it’s kinda the reason I feel like I’m alive ☺ï¸? SO…On my 25th birthday I’ve randomly picked out two images from the 25th DAY of shoot of RAAZI and and and the TRAILER will be out 25 days from today(9th April).. Happy Birthday to me 💫ðŸ?­â˜ºï¸?

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4. She Is Relatable AF

While many of you might envy her and think life is a breeze for Alia, let us tell you that just like any 20-something, she has her own ups and downs. The actress is still on the cusp of making it big in her career and is still figuring her life like many of us. She too has family, friends and relationship issues.

in the maze of her imagination 🦋

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She is just like one of us who would love to skip work and spend a lazy day sleeping and eating. Like us, she too loves quotes and connects to it (might even take screengrabs like us, you never know). Well, once she even said how she loves stalking Ryan Gosling and would love to take a picture on Mars. If that’s not relatable, I don’t know what is. 

5. Taking Trolls In Her Stride Like A Boss

No one can forget the goof up she made in Karan Johar’s talk show. Immediately, she became the target of netizens and a national joke. From memes, videos to jokes, everyone on the Internet didn’t spare a chance to make fun of her. And then she got back with the awesome AIB video accepting all the hate and trolls, laughing at her own self. You need to have a really, really strong attitude to mock yourself publically and the video only increased our respect for her. 

From her outstanding performance to her bad-ass attitude, Alia is the true shahenshah of Bollywood, but we are sure you already knew that!

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